Thursday, July 30, 2009

Only The First Time..lyrics and video

I put a video I made of family pictures on here yesterday, but this is actually my first attempt at making one. I wanted to make a video for one of my favorite songs, "It's Only The First Time." I ran out of pictures that I wanted, so I threw in some of my personal pictures of the ocean and lighthouses. Check it out if you have time - it really is a great song, though the video is pretty amatuer.

It's Only The First Time Lyrics

There’s a secret sin that you live with
And it’s tearing you apart
You’ve prayed and prayed, but now you’re ashamed
To ask God to cleanse your heart
But even though you’ve fallen again
When you kneel before Him

It’s only the first time
He’s forgotten the last time
The moment you pray, His grace takes away
The stain of your sin
Just know that in God’s eyes
It’s only the first time
He’s already there to hear your prayer
And forgive you again.

If the Savior says we must forgive
Time and time again
Then how much more will our Lord
Forgive us when we sin
His love is so strong, so wide and so deep
He longs for you to believe


Craig and Heather said...

Loved it. I had never heard that song before.

The pictures on his knees before the cross with a hammer are powerful. That's what we do, isn't it? Thanks Bud,