Thursday, July 16, 2009

A New Author and A Giveaway

OK, as promised, I will draw a name at the end of the day for two books, so anyone can still enter. Just look up my July 2 blog post.

There is a new author on the block. Yours truly. I had a vague idea for a book that I wished someone would write about. The vague idea has become a bit more concrete lately. I was telling my best friend, Steven about it, and he said I should write it myself. I scoffed at the idea. He argued against every reason I brought up, so I finally decided to give it a shot. I have no idea if it will get anywhere, but I have already written more than I thought I could. Just not sure I can do a full length book.

The book is fiction, and I honestly don't think there is anything close to the main plot out there anywhere. If there is, I sure haven't run into it, and it would be in a Christian book. Whether or not it will ever be an actual book, I am enjoying the experience. This may sound incredibly dumb, but I have found myself crying as I wrote. Yeah, that does sound dumb. :-)

I started yesterday, and now have 28 pages typed, normal word processor page size. Not sure what that is in book pages. One problem I have, is things happen too fast, and I need to somehow slow the book down without adding boring stuff. Oh well, will see where it takes me. Just don't be looking for books by me in the bookstores any time soon. :-)