Friday, July 31, 2009

The River Nile

Is it ever right to break the law? Should we ever dare risk our lives and freedom to save lives?

I don't approve of the extreme tactics of people who blow up abortion clinics and/or kill abortionists, but should we do more than we do? If Jesus were walking and living on the earth today as He did in Bible times, what would He do about the abortion issue? I cannot imagine that He would just figure it was a woman's right.

Kenny Blair has written a short, but thought-provoking about some fictional characters who go above and beyond the normal actions of pro-life Christians.

The main character of the book, Julie, a senior in high school, decides to visit the orphanage where she came from before her parents adopted her. As she keeps going back, she discovers a
strange connection between the Catholic-run orphanage, and the abortion clinic next door.
When she poses as a pregnant teenager, why does the abortion doctor try to convince her to not abort, and then tell her they only abort on the third trimester.
Digging further into the orphanage and abortion clinic, she discovers that the two are definitely connected, and she discovers that this connection affects her in a way she never dreamed of, and it may just shake her pro-choice arguments like she never dreamed.
This book is short, ninety-six pages, but the author uses those pages to show the tragedy of abortion, and that we all need to do more about this issue.