Sunday, July 26, 2009

Plenty of time

Our Sunday School lesson today was on the end times. Pretty interesting - and scary stuff. I know we have heard for years that Jesus could come back at any time, but I truly feel it will be in my lifetime.

There has never been the technology and nuclear warfare available as there is at this time. Years ago, we had no idea how they would bring about the mark of the beast and some of those other things talked about in the Bible, but we can see it today. The technology is here. Now.

I am far from a fan of Barrack Obama, and believe he is the worst thing that could happen to this country. Some think he is the Antichrist, I really don't think he is, but it has shown me how easily the Antichrist will be accepted and thrown into power. All Obama had to do was promise "hope and change" and people thronged after him. It didn't matter that he had terrorists as buddies, that he promised energy costs would skyrocket if he got in - all that mattered was that "hope and change."

Now, more than ever, we need to be ready. I was talking to someone recently who is most likely not ready to meet God, by his own admission. He admits he needs to get right with God, and that he will. I asked him what he was waiting for, and he said "Christmas." I think he was kidding. Regardless, I shot him an email this morning that asked "what if Jesus returns, or you die before Christmas?"

Whether Jesus' return is today, or a thousand years from now, we all need to be ready. Time goes so fast. There are things I thought I'd have a handle on by age thirty. Here I am at forty, and I still don't have a handle on them, and I wonder where on earth did time go?

We cannot dilly dally and assume that if we aren't right with God, that we can do it tomorrow. For one thing, tomorrow may never come. For another, time goes so fast, that next thing we know, we will be at the end of life, still planning on getting right with God, "tomorrow."

There is a song I heard a lot growing up that talks about that. To be honest, I never liked the song. Could be, because I was down spiritually more than I was up, and the song made me think. It is true though. All too many people think they have plenty of time, but time is passing too fast, and none of us have as much time as we think we do.

Plenty of Time

Verse 1
I got up on Sunday morning went to the church at ten
I listened to the words I'd heard time and time again
The preacher spoke of sinful lives, it seems he spoke of mine
But I was young, I had plenty of time

Verse 2
I walked on down life's pathway living as I wished to live
How to beat the other fellow how to get what life could give
Making money isn't sinful having fun is not a crime
So I'll just wait I've got plenty of time

Plenty of time to decide where I'm bound, to eternal darkness or to heaven's grounds
I'm just a young man not yet in my prime, so I'll just wait I've got plenty of time

Verse 3
Before I knew what happened, life seems had passed away
And millions stood before God's throne, for it was judgement day
Now eternal darkness beckons, and the name it calls is mine
But I thought that I had plenty of time

Chorus 2
Eternity waits, I've got plenty of time
To think of all the days that Christ could have been mine
Now my chance is over, earth's days have left behind
And now I've got nothing but plenty of time