Monday, July 6, 2009

Somebody Like Me

In case someone missed it, I am doing a giveaway of two books - details on July 2 post. Ten more days.

Ran across this song a few months ago, and it makes me think every time I hear it. Don't think there is a youtube video of it, but here are the lyrics. They speak their own message:

Somebody Like Me

The congregation parted like the Red Sea
When that old drunk stumbled in,
Down the aisle and took a seat
Right in the middle of “Amazing Grace”
He could feel the judgment they were passing
Thought to himself “ain’t that just like a bunch of Baptists”
I’d rather be on the street, than in this place”
With tears on his face

You’d think somebody
Would put their arm around him
You’d think somebody
Would hit a knee
Pull him in, say a prayer
That’s what I’m taking ‘bout right there
You’d think somebody
Would practice what they’re preaching
Wonder who that somebody might be
Probably somebody like me

Well he’s got problems
Nobody wants a part of
When he got up and stepped out
Nobody stood up
They don’t want to make a scene
So they let him walk out of there
Without a prayer

You’d think somebody
Would do something different
You’d think somebody
Would go against the grain
Be the one to run him down
Bring him back and turn him around
You’d think somebody
Would want to make a difference
Wonder who that somebody might be
Probably somebody like me