Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The threat, and the difference

I don't know about everyone else out there, but this Muslim situation worries me. I firmly believe that Barrack Obama is either a Muslim himself, or at the very least is very pro-Muslim. I don't think any Christian in their right mind can look at his behavior toward the Muslims lately and deny at least the latter. This same president refused to take part in the National Day of Prayer, yet helped the Muslim's day of honor at the Capitol.

I have to admit some confusion as to why Islam seems so much more accepted by the liberals, than Christianity. One of the biggest liberal causes is the gay agenda. Christians say it is wrong, and you cannot go to Heaven while engaging in that lifestyle. Muslims say it is wrong and kill people who identify as gay - so doesn't it make sense that the liberals would say Islam is bad? Not to mention their attitude towards women.

Speaking of homosexuality, I learned something interesting about Islam this week: They do condemn and punish homosexuality severely, but they have no problem with an adult male using a young boy sexually - they do not view that as homosexuality. Yeah, what a wonderful religion.

I read a lot of news stories on line, and time and time again I read stories where Muslims are given special rights. Most recently, a young man who is military bound submitted a picture of him in his military uniform, including a hat. He was told his photo was not allowed because of the military hat - yet a female student was allowed her hijab. A factory did away with Labor Day as a day off, yet allowed their Muslim workers a day off for their holiday. A female doctor at a clinic was told she could not wear her hijab because it violated their no-head gear rule. A few days later, they apologized to her and allowed her to wear it.

We want religious freedom, and do not want to be discriminated against, but it seems Muslims get more rights in this area than Christians. People bend over backwards to avoid offending them, and is it no wonder - they fear the Muslims.

I'm worried about our country. My dad has an idea that in the last days, the false prophet who takes control could be Islam - and he could be correct - who knows. I do not believe all of the Muslims who have attacked our country are the exception to the rule, and are extremists. I believe the religion fully encourages heretics to be killed and punished.

What can we do? For one thing, Christians need to get out and vote, and vote responsibly. Don't vote for the liberals who are pro-gay, pro-abortion, pro-Muslim - vote for the conservatives who are against those things.

If the Muslims keep on expanding and growing, and get places in our government, the day could very well come that this nation becomes a Muslim nation, and we have to choose to become a Muslim, or die. Scary thought, but it could happen.

Just recently in Great Britain, a Muslim woman got in an argument with a husband and wife who ran the store she came into. The argument was over whether Jesus is the Son of God or not. The couple has been jailed and could face imprisonment - and have lost a lot of business - why? Because they dared argue with a Muslim.

Imax is coming out with a movie about Mohammed, entitled Messenger of Peace. If you watch movies, boycott it. We need to wake up to this threat that is living among us.

I won a book several weeks ago entitled Mohamed's Moon. It is the fictional story of twin boys, separated at birth. One is raised as a Muslim who hates America and is out to destroy it, and the other is raised in a Christian home. Though fiction, the book had a fascinating portrayal of Islam. One of the biggest differences that stood out to me in the book between Islam and Christianity is a simple difference, but is as different as light and day. Islam says to destroy your enemy, and any one who will not convert to Islam. Christianity says to love your enemy, and do good to those who do you wrong. Quite the major difference.


teacherprincess said...

It is a very scary world that we are living in... And we are much closer to persecution than we would like to admit! And yet Christians don't seem to care. At least on a grass roots level. Whe we choose intellectual topic in Sunday school they don't seem to get the point. All they want is fluff and that fluff is going to end up hurting them in the long run.
While I am slamming fluff I am not disregarding feelings but we can't rely on them solely. Being intellectual, thoughtful Christians is one of the best ways to be proactive in this fight.