Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Karma of Jesus

Book description:
Are you reaping what you've sown? Whether we call it Karma or not, life seems to be based on cause and effect. If we do something good, we expect (or hope) good will return. Do something bad, and bad will result. Indeed, the ancient idea of Karma--reaping what we sow--is recognized in almost every religion in the world. But this principle sets an inescapable trap: If "what comes around goes around," then every small mistake will haunt us to the bitter end. Is that it, though? Is this our destiny? In this provocative book, Mark Herringshaw boldly explores two mutually exclusive visions of life: Karma and grace. Prompted by a chance-conversation with a spiritually curious young man, he gives us a probing look at the implications of Karma and the relevance of Christ's life.

My thoughts:

The title of this book intrigued me. The Karma of Jesus?! I put in to review it, curious to see what this guy had to say.

The book starts out with a conversation between the author and a questioning young man, and reverts back to the conversation throughout the book, with the young man defending his belief in karma, and the author showing him that karma does not hold the answer, but that Jesus does.
As bizarre as it may sound, there are some karma-like similarities in what Jesus taught and does, but they are only similarities. The differences are far greater. The author shows that unlike karma, where you try to do good to balance out the bad you have done, with Jesus, you can seek forgiveness, and though there still may be some consequences of our sins, Jesus' blood covers our sin and we don't need to worry about balancing out the bad we have done. Very interesting book.

The author:

Mark Herringshaw is a pastor, sought-after- teacher, and conference speaker. The coauthor of two previous books, he leverages the crafts of storytelling, biblical scholarship, and scientific research to make complex ideas simple, practical, and transformative. Mark and his family make their home near St. Paul, Minnesota.

The Karma of Jesus is available from Bethany House Publishers.