Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Under The Cajun Moon

Chloe Ledet's larger-than-life father, the famous New Orleans restaurateur Chef Julien, seems invincible---until he's shot under suspicious circumstances. Returning home, Chloe quickly discovers that their whole family is in terrible danger. Can she trust the handsome, mysterious Cajun who's helping her---or has she gone from the frying pan to the fire?

This is the first book I have read by Mindy Starns Clark, and it was an enjoyable read. The story is set in New Orleans, and in addition to being full of mystery, suspense, and romance, the book is also full of Cajun. Cajun lingo, people, and food. I have to admit, in addition to being entertained, I came away with a desire to try some of the Cajun foods mentioned in the book.

The story bounces back and forth between the present, and some events that happened in the 1700's. The author ties them together in a delightful way, and when I finished the book, it left me with the desire to read more by her. Her books are probably more geared towards women, but guys who enjoy mysteries will like her books also.

About the author:
Mindy Starns Clark is the bestselling author of the "Million Dollar Mysteries" series and the "Smart Chick Mystery" series, as well as the nonfiction how-to guide The House That Cleans Itself. A singer and former stand-up comedian, Mindy is also a popular inspirational speaker and playwright. Born and raised in Louisiana, Mindy now lives near Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, with her husband, two teenage daughters, and two dogs. For more information, visit her website at http://www.mindystarnsclark.com/.

Under The Cajun Moon is available from Harvest House Publishers. Thanks to Dave from HH for the review copy, which was provided to me for reviewing.