Saturday, November 21, 2009

Heritage Day

Last night my nieces' school had "heritage day" and each class had to do something for it. I took a few pictures, didn't get of every class, but here are some:

My niece Katie's class did a presentation of some of the states. Each kid made a poster about the state, and got up to talk about it. They had a slide presentation and each kid had to point out things on the slide like the state flower, state bird, famous people from that state, etc. Katie did North Carolina, her favorite vacation spot.

Allie's class picked something more ancient in history. She did farming in ancient Egypt

Stephanie's class did famous people in history. She had Captain Cook.

The first graders also did famous people in history, but dressed up like them. Below, Davy Crockett.

George Washington
And a nameless Indian.

And last, but not least, Miss Lori LaVan, Stephanie's teacher, who begged me not to post her picture on my blog - what would make her think I would do that?! I asked her what she'd pay for me not to do it, and since she never said, here it is, the world's loveliest pirate:


Mozi Esme said...

Nice and neat presentation boards - and the dress-up history figures are the best!

Molly said...

She did EXCELLENT(not to mention that is my state that she did!)!!!


Kim M. said...

What fun! Projects like that are what I remember the most from school. BTW...Lori has no reason to be embarrassed; she looked cute