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Grateful American A Journey from Self to Service by Gary Sinise

Book Description

The moving, entertaining, never-before-told story of how one man found his calling.

"The book is called Grateful American, and I promise you after you read it you will be grateful for what Gary has accomplished and contributed to our country." -- Clint Eastwood

As a kid in suburban Chicago, Gary Sinise was more interested in sports and rock 'n' roll than reading or schoolwork. But when he impulsively auditioned for a school production of West Side Story, he found his purpose--or so it seemed.

Within a few years Gary and a handful of friends created what became one of the most exciting and important new theater companies in America. From its humble beginnings in a suburban Chicago church basement and eventual move into the city, the Steppenwolf Theatre Company launched a series of groundbreaking productions, igniting Gary's career along with those of John Malkovich, Joan Allen, Gary Cole, Laurie Metcalf, Jeff Perry, John Mahoney, and others. Television and film came calling soon after, and Gary starred in Of Mice and Men (which he also directed) and The Stand before taking the role that would change his life in unforeseeable ways: Lieutenant Dan in the Academy Award–winning Forrest Gump.

The military community's embrace of the character of the disabled veteran was matched only by the depth of Gary's realization that America's defenders had not received all the honor, respect, and gratitude their sacrifices deserve. In the aftermath of the September 11 attacks, this became Gary's mission. While starring in hits like Apollo 13, Ransom, Truman, George Wallace, CSI:NY, and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, Gary has worked tirelessly on behalf of those who serve this country, entertaining more than a half million troops around the world playing bass guitar with his Lt. Dan Band, raising funds on behalf of veterans, and eventually founding the Gary Sinise Foundation with a mission to serve and honor America's defenders, veterans, first responders, their families, and those in need.

Grateful American is the moving, entertaining, profoundly gripping story of how one man found his calling: to see that those who defend this country and its freedoms are never forgotten.

Book review:

  There are not many celebrities who impress me, but Gary Sinise is one who does. I rarely read biographies/ almost ever...but this is one that interested me. This man has done so much for our military and their families over the last several years, it is amazing and impressing.

 Even given my usual disinterest in this kind of book, I found it to be both and interesting and moving read. Sinise tells about his growing up years and how he entered the movie industry, mostly because of his dad's working in that industry.

 Since his work with the military came about largely because of his role of Lieutenant Dan in the movie Forest Gum, he talks about that movie and his role in it, and how that led to the "Lieutenant Dan Band", which tours all over the world performing for our troops.

 There are sad and moving parts to the book as he tells of his visits to wounded and hurting vets and their families. The book has several photos of Sinise down through the years which are interesting to view.

  I have admired this man for a long time, but after reading this book, I admire him even more. If more people did what this man does for our military and for even others in our world, the world would be a much better place.

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

About the author:

Gary Sinise is an American actor, director and musician. Among other awards, he has won an Emmy Award, a Golden Globe Award and was nominated for an Academy Award for one of his most memorable roles as Lieutenant Dan Taylor in Forrest Gump. Another notable role was as Detective Mac Taylor in the CBS series CSI: NY (2004–13).

in 2011 Sinise established the Gary Sinise Foundation. The foundation's mission is to serve and honor our nation’s defenders, veterans, first responders, and their families. His "Lt. Dan Band" performs for military bases, charities and fundraisers supporting wounded heroes, Gold Star families, veterans and troops around the world.

His website:

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Other Bodies by Joel Ohman

Book description:

For fans of The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, and Divergent comes a YA dystopian/light romance with a strong female protagonist who is forced to question everything...

In a world where immersive VR suits distort what is real from what is not, and the AI Personhood Act blurs the lines between body and bot, the choices sixteen-year-old Hattie Martins faces are very personal.

Welcome to Hattie Martins' dystopian Philadelphia, where everything is not as it seems...

Just as her life is looking up--a new job, new friends, a new date--Hattie discovers not all progress in her beloved, futuristic Philadelphia is for the best. Societal regrets can become personal regrets in an instant. Choices don't always come with second chances, and when they do the cost can be unimaginable. How far will she go to undo her greatest regret? And worse yet, what will she become if it's too late? 

In a world where bots are equal to bodies, what does it mean to be alive? 

What is real? 

Which bodies matter? 

What about the other bodies?... 

In this blistering new young adult novel from the #1 bestselling author of the Meritropolis series, readers will question everything they know about life and reality in a unique dystopian adventure that is equal parts moral dilemma and romance.

My review:

  I am very pro-life, so this book intrigued me. I like dystopian books, and this falls into that category.

 The author did a great job on the setting/time period. He came up with a great main character and plot, and I feel he dealt with the issue of abortion very well. Slight spoiler: the main character goes to work at an abortion facility, and also has to deal with the consequences of her former actions.

 I had a little difficulty getting into the book, but I ended up enjoying the read. I found the ending rather sad, and found myself wishing that the author had ended it differently, but I still liked the book.

 It was also interesting to read the author's ideas of what life might be like in such a society with robots doing so much and human life not being valued much higher than a robot.

 Through a story, the author shows the awful realities of abortion and the results of the act. Worth reading.

Disclosure (in accordance with the FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255:  “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”):  Many thanks to Propeller Consulting, LLC for providing this prize for the giveaway.  Choice of winners and opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation.  I did receive a sample of the product in exchange for this review and post.

About the author:

Joel Ohman lives in Tampa, FL with his wife Angela and their three kids. His writing companion is Caesar, a slightly overweight Bull Mastiff who loves to eat the tops off of strawberries.

Joel is the author of the #1 bestselling Meritropolis series—“The Hunger Games meets The Village with a young Jack Reacher as a protagonist”.

Joel is a Christian, CEO, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, author, angel investor, and serial entrepreneur who loves creating new things, whether books or businesses. He is the founder of a number of web startups and currently serves as the CEO and lead operator of 360 Quote, a private equity backed platform company in the online lead generation space, the co-founder and CEO of a B2B SaaS software company,, and has also previously served as the founder and resident CFP® of a national insurance agency, Real Time Health Quotes.

He has an undergraduate degree in Business from Clearwater Christian College, an MBA from the University of South Florida and a Master’s of Divinity from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

He loves the city of Tampa and is heavily involved in the community: he serves on the board of the Tampa Bay Fellowship of Christian Athletes, as a trustee of The Idlewild Foundation, and is a deacon, missions trip leader, and member of the finance committee at Idlewild Baptist Church.

Some of his companies include: – We are the world’s best platform for logging workouts and delivering workout plans on the web, iOS, and Android. – We make comparing car insurance quotes from multiple companies easy!

Joel has written for and been mentioned in many different online and print publications including,,,,, Forbes,, the LA Times,, Reader’s Digest,, USA Today, U.S. News & World Report,, Yahoo Finance, and many more as an expert source so don’t hesitate to contact him if you need a quick response for an article or project you are working on.

Author's notes about the book here.

Changing minds with a story here.

Link to buy the book here.

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White City, True Colors #1 by Grace Hitchcock

Book description:

Mysterious Disappearances Taint the Chicago World’s Fair
Step into True Colors -- a new series of Historical Stories of Romance and American Crime

While attending the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893, Winnifred Wylde believes she witnessed a woman being kidnapped. She tries to convince her father, an inspector with the Chicago police, to look into reports of mysterious disappearances around the White City. Inspector Wylde tries to dismiss her claims as exaggeration of an overactive imagination, but he eventually concedes to letting her go undercover as secretary to the man in question—if she takes her pistol for protection and Jude Thorpe, a policeman, for bodyguard.

Will she be able to expose H. H. Holmes’s illicit activity, or will Winnifred become his next victim?

My review:

 I'll admit this book didn't grab me right away when I got an email about reviewing it, but the fact that it is based on a true crime intrigued me, so I requested it, and am glad I did. It was a very enjoyable read.

 The book is set in 1893 during the Chicago World Fair. The daughter of the Chief Inspector goes undercover with a police detective to protect her. The book is well, written, and I found it very suspenseful. The author came up with some great characters, and spun a great historical fictional account around them.

 There is a lot of romance in the book, as the main character has male suitors vying for her hand..... but she has her heart set on the detective protecting her, something her father has forbidden. Slight spoiler: I knew - and any reader most likely will - that she ends up with the detective, and I even figured out how that could happen. I was pretty much correct on that. :)

 This author is new to me, but I really did enjoy the book, and even though I more or less guessed on the one part, I was still surprised at exactly how it happened and was reading as fast as I could to see what would happen.

  White City is different from the usual suspense novels I read, but I definitely recommend it, and look forward to more in the series.

 I was given a copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review.

About the author:

Grace Hitchcock is the author of The White City and The Gray Chamber from Barbour Publishing. She has written multiple novellas in The Second Chance Brides, The Southern Belle Brides, and the Thimbles and Threads collections with Barbour Publishing. She holds a Masters in Creative Writing and a Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in History. Grace lives in southern Louisiana with her husband, Dakota, and son. Visit Grace online at

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Covered EP by Mack Brock release

Worship leader Mack Brock announces his latest Covered, set to release Mar. 22. Documenting the five-time Dove award nominee’s own hopes, dreams, fears and anxieties in the midst of uncharted territory, Covered finds Brock unveiling his most vulnerable music to date.

“These songs have been me wrestling with God—fighting to accept that it’s ok to let go and hand things over to Him. To trust Him,” shared Mack. “Letting go doesn’t always take away the stress or anxiety right away but it does give us the grace and peace we need to walk through it. To find rest in his presence, his sovereignty, his love and trust that we are ‘covered’ by Him.”

The follow up to his critically acclaimed solo-project, Greater Things, which garnered over 9 million streams globally since the debut’s release last fall, Covered is the continuation of the multifaceted creator’s sojourn, an expression of Brock’s total reliance and dependence on God.

 If you pre-order the EP, you get the single "I Am Loved" free.

View the official lyric video for I Am Loved here.

Song list for the EP below

Disclosure (in accordance with the FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255:  “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”):  Many thanks to Propeller Consulting, LLC for providing the product/product information. Opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation.  I did/will receive a sample of the product in exchange for this review and post.

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American Omens: The Coming Fight for Faith by Travis Thrasher

Book description:

In this taut thriller that depicts a future where belief is dangerous, faith is deemed hatred, and a group of powerful elite keeps watch, the Reckoner has come to wake up America.

The year is 2038 and Cheyenne Burne is a brilliant young programmer working for Acatour, the world's top technology firm. Her father converts to Christianity, and he suddenly disappears without a trace. When a stranger hands Cheyenne a coded message that sends her on a collision course with a clandestine group of believers, she must put her life in the hands of those following a man known only as the Reckoner. He claims he wants to bring back true faith in Christ to America and also reveal the forces behind the disappearances of the many renowned people who publicly declared their Christian faith.

Operating in the shadows and living off the grid, this mysterious prophet assembles a ragtag team--including a former bookseller whose store was shut down for selling prohibited books--to help him take the battle for transparency to the top. With a ruthless FBI agent closing in, can Cheyenne and the others expose the truth and lead a return to God in America before it's too late? 

My review:

  Travis Thrasher has written a wide variety of books. Some I have really liked, and there have been some I didn't care for. This one falls into the former. The title and description intrigued me, and it did turn out to be an interesting read.

  For anyone paying attention, it is obvious that Christianity is rapidly becoming viewed as hateful and is looked down and ridiculed by many, and especially by the media and Hollywood. The day may very likely become when Christians are branded a hate group, and Christianity becomes illegal. This book gives a fictional look at what that might be like.

 Thrasher is a great writer, and that comes through in this book. He came up with some great scenarios, and even some technological ideas that do not exist - to my knowledge - that make it easier to manipulate, control, and keep track of people. The plot and setting were well done and very creative, along with his characters.

 The idea of a 911 conspiracy bothered me, and I am not sure if the author ascribes to such lunacy, or if he just had his one character do so. Hopefully the latter....

 There was nothing else in the book that bothered me, except it kind of left me hanging. It was a suspenseful and interesting read that truly did make me think about what our world could be like if Christianity is ever, God forbid, outlawed. All in all, it was a book worth reading.

I received this book from the publisher, Waterbrook/Multnomah,  through their book launch program.

About the author:

Bestselling author Travis Thrasher has written over 50 books, spanning genres in fiction, nonfiction and children’s literature. His inspirational stories have included collaborations with filmmakers, musicians, athletes, celebrities and pastors.

With the childhood goal of pursuing a writing career starting in third grade, Thrasher worked for 13 years at Tyndale House Publishers after graduating college. His experience working with authors allowed him to understand the writing life as well as training him to work with a variety of personalities. This experience has proven to be valuable with co-writing projects.

His novels are as diverse as the people he’s worked with, ranging from love stories to supernatural thrillers. This storytelling ability has also allowed him to work with others on their books, from country musician and American Idol winner Scotty McCreery to Bill Klein and Jen Arnold, reality TV stars of The Little Couple. Upcoming projects continue to expand his talents, with projects including Olympic Pride, American Prejudice about the lives of the other 17 American black athletes who competed in the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin and Baby Don’t Hurt Me about comedian Chris Kattan’s life and time on Saturday Night Live.

Travis lives with his wife and three young daughters in a suburb of Chicago.

Check out his website at

Thursday, February 21, 2019

The Restoration Series: Jonthan's Walk

Prison Fellowship has done a series of videos which is a 5-part documentary film series following one man as he re-enters his community after 15 years in prison. The first episode, which is just short of 5 minutes, is  below to view for free.

  The video chronicles his entry into the prison system, and what it is like to get out and enter society. There are clips from his wife telling what it was like to be without him, and clips of him discussing what he missed out on. I am able to view more episodes, but my internet has been bad this week, so I just viewed the first... but it is well done, and gives a compassionate look at someone who has done their time, and is now trying to do right.

More about the series:

For years, Jonathan has been in prison. As a result, he has missed milestone moments with his family. He wasn’t there for his daughter’s first day of school or a thousand little experiences with his wife and as a father, he is devastated to be separated from those he loves most.

Jonathan has been looking forward to his release from prison for over a decade. So many life events have been missed and he is now ready to be with his wife and kids again. Of course, this transition isn't going to be easy. The odds are against him: with over half of prisoners returning to prison within two years, Jonathan is aware of the challenge set before him.

Still, he is determined to take the skills he has learned into the world outside of incarceration and stay there, helping build the community that he is part of for years to come.
Prison Fellowship presents The Restoration Series: Jonathan’s Walk, a 5-part documentary film series following one man as he re-enters his community after 15 years in prison. It demonstrates in imagery, powerful storytelling and social interaction what it means to be human and the shared need of all people to see communities restored.

 Though America is home to only 4% of the world's population, we house more than 20% of its prisoners. Recidivism–the tendency of a criminal to reoffend—is out of control. The Restoration Series tells the story of men and women who have experienced The Academy, a revolutionary in-prison program that is combating incarceration and recidivism head on.


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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Breach of Trust, Atlanta Justice #3 by Rachel Dylan

Book description:

Corporate litigator Mia Shaw suffers the shock of her life when she finds her colleague and friend brutally murdered. Grief-stricken and furious, Mia vows that she will do anything to seek justice and make the killer pay.

The man accused of the murder is a friend of security tech guru Noah Ramirez, but the evidence just doesn't add up. To save his former ATF partner, Noah needs to convince Mia that the real killer is still on the loose.

Mia soon has more than the criminal prosecution to worry about, however. She is tasked with taking over her friend's last case and learns he was hiding secrets about his client. She thinks she may have stumbled upon corporate espionage that has turned deadly, but she has no idea of the danger involved. Her only ally is Noah, despite their difference of opinion on the homicide case. Can he win Mia over to his side and protect her from ever-growing threats?

My review:

  I enjoy legal thrillers, and there haven't been many authors on the Christian market who write them. The few who have done so have been men......which is fine, as there are not enough "guy books" on the Christian fiction market.

 Rachel Dylan is one of two female authors who have started writing legal thrillers in the last few years, and she does a great job of it. Legal thrillers can be tricky things. If the legal talk and work is too complicated, readers like me who aren't very well versed in legal "stuff" will lose interest and be lost.

  This third and final book in the suspenseful Atlanta Justice Series revolves around corporate espionage, which doesn't sound too interesting to be honest. However, Dylan makes it interesting. I was fascinated by how and why some things happened in the book.

 These three books center on six people: three female friends who are all lawyers, and three guys who are all members of a security company. (Spoiler: the three guys get the girls). :) The male in this story is Noah, the tech expert of the company. The author used him to help work on the espionage case with his computer expertise, which also was interesting.

 Not only is the legal and courtroom parts of the book done well, but so is the suspense. Maybe I am wrong, but it seemed the suspense was ratcheted up even more in the third book than the other two...regardless, this suspense junkie loved those parts of the book and kept me turning the pages as fast as I could.

 I mentioned the guy getting the romance also plays a big part in the story, and it also was well done and not cheesy or gag inducing. (Hey, I am a bachelor!)

 And last, but not least, the Christian element. Mia is a fledgling Christian, and there were some interesting and thought provoking things that came up in discussions between her and Noah, a preacher's son who had not always lived his faith.

 This was a great conclusion to a very good series.

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

About the author:

Rachel Dylan writes legal thrillers and legal romantic suspense. Rachel has practiced law for over a decade including being a litigator at one of the nation’s top law firms. She enjoys weaving together legal and suspenseful stories. Rachel writes the Atlanta Justice Series which features strong, female attorneys in Atlanta. Deadly Proof, the first book in the Atlanta Justice series, is a CBA bestseller, an FHL Reader’s Choice Award winner, a Daphne du Maurier Finalist, and a Holt Medallion Finalist. Rachel lives in Michigan with her husband and five fur kids--two dogs and three cats. Rachel loves to connect with readers. You can find Rachel at

The Atlanta Justice Series is available from Bethany House Publishers, part of the Baker Publishing Group.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Never Let Go, Uncommon Justice #1 by Elizabeth Goddard

Book description:

As a forensic genealogist, Willow Anderson is following in her late grandfather's footsteps in her quest for answers about a baby abducted from the hospital more than twenty years ago. The case may be cold, but things are about to heat up when someone makes an attempt on her life to keep her from discovering the truth.

Ex-FBI agent--and Willow's ex-flame--Austin McKade readily offers his help to protect the woman he never should have let get away. Together they'll follow where the clues lead them, even if it means Austin must face the past he's spent much of his life trying to forget. And even if it puts Willow's tender heart at risk.

In this fast-paced and emotional page-turner, bestselling author Elizabeth Goddard keeps the stakes high, the romantic tension sparking, and the outcome uncertain until the very end.

My review:

  This was a new author to me. I think it is the author's first trade paperback book, having written mass market paperbacks in the Love Inspired Suspense line of books. I had the chance to join the launch team for the book, and jumped at the chance since it sounded good and I like Christian suspense.

  The forensic genealogist was a new one to me, and one I found interesting.

  Characters are important to me, and I really liked Willow and Austin. The story pretty much focused equally on both, especially with Austin's past and his dealing..or not dealing with it. It looks like each book in this series is going to center on each of 3 brothers, which begs the question to why there are women on the books instead of guys......hey, I am a guy, of course I'd wonder :)

 Christian suspense is my favorite genre' to read, and Goddard brought it in spades. This is not one of those books where you go a few chapters before something exciting happens. The exciting and suspenseful parts happen a lot. This was a book that once I started reading it, I didn't want to put it down. Unfortunately the day I started it, I read it on my breaks at work, so I had to put it down.....but finished it that evening at home.

  I even enjoyed the romantic aspect of the story. This was a book where the couple had dated before, but had broken up....a bad break up, but now are working together. You know they will get back together, but it is fun and entertaining to watch how it happens.

 If this is an example of Goddard's writing, I am hooked and want to read more by her. I really liked the book, all parts of it: plot, setting, romance, suspense, drama, investigating techniques, etc. It wound down to a suspenseful and satisfying climax, and only left me wanting more, and looking forward to the next book in the story: Austin's brother Heath's story. (Again, the dude should be on the cover if it is his story)  :)

 This is a book and author I can honestly recommend, and deserves every one of the possible 5 stars possible.

 I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

About the author: 

Elizabeth Goddard is the bestselling, award-winning author of more than thirty romance novels, including the romantic mystery, The Camera Never Lies—a 2011 Carol Award winner. A 7th generation Texan, Elizabeth graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and worked in high-level software sales for several years before retiring to home school her children and fulfill her dreams of becoming an author.

Check out her website at

Never Let Go is available from Revell Publishing, part of the Baker Publishing Group.

Secrets at Cedar Cabin, Lavender Tides #3 by Colleen Coble

Book description:

From USA TODAY bestselling author Colleen Coble comes the third book in her beloved Lavender Tides series. 

Her mother lied about her identity and her husband wasn’t who she thought he was—can Bailey even trust herself anymore?

Running for her life in the wake of her mother’s murder, Bailey Fleming escapes to the only place she can think of—a remote, dilapidated cabin in Lavender Tides. Intending to finally get to the truth behind the lies of her past, Bailey only finds more questions when bodies are discovered near her cabin hideout along with traces of a dangerous human trafficking ring. In an unlikely partnership with FBI agent Lance Phoenix, Bailey races to understand the mystery surrounding her life and circumstances before the murderer tracks her down. 

Meanwhile, Lance is determined to rescue his sister, Ava, who was abducted after running away from home as a teenager. An unexpected lead brings him to the remote cabin, and he wonders if Bailey—with her suspicious past and strange connections to his sister’s case—is really who she claims to be and if she can somehow lead him to Ava. 

Filled with Colleen Coble's custom blend of suspense and romance, Secrets at Cedar Cabin takes us back to the evocative landscape of Washington's coast where nothing is quite as it seems. 

My review:

  When asked who my favorite author is, I cannot narrow it down to just one. I have more than a few, and Collen Coble has become one of those favorites. She never, ever disappoints. Of all the series she has done, this has to be her best so far...though I was partial to the series she did at the Outer Banks, my favorite vacation spot.

  Each book in this trilogy is its own story, but there is one story woven through all three. Three siblings separated over 20 years before, the youngest two not knowing the other two existed, and the oldest not knowing at first the other two were alive. In addition to the usual awesome suspense in Coble's books, this made the series even more interesting as she slowly reuinted these two sisters and their brother, all very likable characters.

 Secrets at Cedar Cabin revolves around human trafficking/sex trade. It isn't the first novel I have read that addresses it, but as entertaining and suspenseful the book was, it also brought a new horror and disgust at the reminder that this goes on in our country, and most likely more than we realize or want to think about.

  Coble brought back several of the characters from the other books, and added some new ones that are just as likable. The suspense was non stop, and I was honestly surprised and shocked at the identity of the bad guy. I didn't even consider the person as a suspect of the evil trafficking ring.

 As with all of Coble's books, this is a romantic suspense novel, so you knew the two main characters were bound to get together by the end of the book. I have come to enjoy the romantic element, and root for the guy to get the girl, even though that may not be the typical male response to romance in a book.

 There were some pretty intense moments in the book where it looked like all was lost......even though I didn't figure that was the case....but that is a mark of a true suspense novelist. Even though you are pretty sure of a happy ending and rescue, it is suspenseful enough to keep you on the edge of the seat. And Secrets of Cedar Cabin did just that.

 I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

About the author:

USAToday bestselling author Colleen Coble lives with her husband, Dave, in Indiana. She is the author of dozens of novels including the Rock Harbor Series, the Aloha Reef Series, the Mercy Falls Series, the Hope Beach Series, the Lonestar Series and two Women of Faith fiction selections, Alaska Twilight and Midnight Sea. She has more than 2 million books in print.

Check out her website at

Secrets at Cedar Cabin is available from Thomas Nelson, along with the other two books and novella.

Stratagem by Robin Caroll

Book description:

A High-Stakes Simulation Adventure Leaves Grayson Thibodeaux the Prime Suspect. . .for Murder

Deep in the gritty underbelly of New Orleans, psychologist Grayson Thibodeaux loses everything when his wife leaves him to climb her company’s corporate ladder. He buries himself in his job of creating mind-bending adventure games for businesses as team-building explorations. When his ex-wife’s company hires Grayson’s to create an elaborate game, he doesn’t see how things can get worse. Until she dies during the course of the game he created…making him the prime suspect for murder.

My review:

This is a different kind of book for being Christian suspense. For one thing, the book centers on and is from the perspective of a male, though the book is was written by a woman. Kudos to her for doing so. The Christian fiction market tends to be geared more for women, and it was refreshing to read a book that wasn't that way so much.

The plot was really good, and the game that the plot centered around was quite a genius idea for Carroll to come up with.

This is a classic "who dun it", and it was a great one. I had a suspect early in the book, but was wrong. I was leaning towards another, who turned out to be the correct one, though the author did change my mind briefly on that and had me suspecting the opposite sex briefly of who I was suspecting

There are a lot of police interviewing suspects and others involved, which could be monotonous, but Caroll did those well and they were interesting and even amusing at times.

Grayson was the main character, and was a very likable one who you could not help but feel bad for and believe in his innocence. Even though a fictional story, the issue of forgiveness was addressed and the necessity of him forgiving his dead wife.

This was different from Caroll's usual books - which I have been reading for several years now - but it was a great read that I thoroughly enjoyed.

 Stratagem is not a book I was given for review, but one I purchased and decided to do an official review for.

About the author:

“I love boxing. I love Hallmark movies. I love fishing. I love scrapbooking. Nope, I've never fit into the boxes people have wanted to put me in.” ~Robin Caroll is definitely a contradiction, but one that beckons you to get to know her better.

Robin’s passion has always been to tell stories to entertain others and come alongside them on their faith journey—aspects Robin weaves into each of her published novels.

Best-selling author of more than twenty-seven novels, ROBIN CAROLL writes Southern stories of mystery and suspense, with a hint of romance to entertain readers. Her books have been recognized in several awards, including the Carol Award, HOLT Medallion, Daphne du Maurier, RT Reviewer’s Choice Award, and more.

When she isn’t writing, Robin spends quality time with her husband of twenty-eight-plus years, her three beautiful daughters and two handsome grandsons, and their character-filled pets at home.

Robin serves the writing community as Executive/Conference Director for ACFW.

Check out her website at

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Forsaken by Gina Detwiler

Book description:

He was forsaken but not forgotten.

Nine months have passed since Grace Fortune saw the boy she loves, Jared Lorn, die before her eyes. But Grace’s suspicions have her wondering if Jared really dead. Along with her friends, she sets out to find answers, and the investigation leads to an unexpected place: Silo City, an abandoned silo complex that houses as many dark secrets as it does forsaken people.

Very much alive, Jared’s on a mission to save the girl he loves by collaborating with the enemy—a young, brash rock star named Lester Crow who fronts the punk metal band Blood Moon. Jared’s “deal with the devil” will take him on a cross-country journey into the heartland of darkness. The music of Blood Moon is a weapon against God, and Jared must wield this weapon while trying desperately to preserve his mind and soul from its power.

Jared and Grace are desperate to be reunited, but first, they must defeat the demonic forces arrayed against them. And pray that Jared, a Nephilim forsaken in God’s eyes, has a chance at a future. 

My review:

   I really liked the first book in this series, but this one was even better. At the end of book one, Jared, a main character, was killed off....and then it was revealed that he was not dead. Book two begins with Grace still believing he is dead.

 Detwiler has done a great job on creating some great likable characters, and character development. In my opinion, none are as likable as Jared. Half angel, half human, doomed from his birth, yet determined to do right and fight evil with all he has in him. In both books the author switches back and forth between first and third person point of view, but I Jared was only third person in the first book. In book two, he has a lot of first person point of view, which is cool as you get to see what he is thinking and going through better.

 I'll do my best to avoid giving away any spoilers, but I will say I kept wishing the author would move something along faster, but then it did make a climatic moment when it finally I guess she knew what she was doing. :)

 This book gives an interesting look at the possible link between some kinds of music and demon possession and how the devil can use that music. I am no fan of rock music, and believe it is not for Christians, but I don't think the author is trying to say all rock music is connected to the devil and demon possession. And what happens in the book and the effects of certain kinds of music on people may not happen exactly the way it is portrayed, but it is food for thought.

 Forsaken was even more suspenseful than Forlorn, and it had its share of surprises and kept me guessing as to what would happen next. I don't know where the author is headed with Jared, who wonders if redemption for someone like him is possible and if God can love him, but I guess that will be addressed more in the next two books in the series which I am looking forward to reading when they are released.

 These are books for teen readers, so I was bothered more than usual by a few words I don't like to see in Christian books: pissed, ass, and I think damn. But overall this book and the one before are very awesome reads, and as I said in the previous book review, similar to Frank Peretti's earlier books with his battle between angels and demons.

 I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

About the author:

Gina Detwiler was planning to be a teacher but switched to writing so she wouldn't have to get up so early in the morning. She is the co-author with bestselling author and speaker Priscilla Shirer of The Prince Warrior series for middle grade readers. She has also written the novels Hammer of God and Avalon under the name Gina Miani.

 Check out her website:

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Lies Men Believe by Robert Wolgemuth

Book description:

You are being hunted.

Like a seasoned angler, our enemy opens his tackle box and selects the lure most likely to attract his intended prey—usually the one you and I are least likely to consider harmful. Each lie we bite on causes us to feel pain, lose or injure relationships, and miss out on the abundant life that God wants us to have. Lies Men Believe exposes the lies that men most commonly believe, and shows you how to combat those lies with the truth.

Lies like:

Pleasure and Entertainment Can Truly Satisfy Me
If I Mean Well, That’s Good Enough
If I Discipline My Children, They’ll Rebel.
I’m Measured by How I Compare with Other Men.
Find out how lies are holding you back from freedom, joy, and intimacy with God and others. Discover the power of the truth. Because once you fully embrace the truth, nothing is ever the same.

My review:

 This book is split up into 8 sections of lies believe:

1) About God
2) About themselves
3) About sin
4) About sexuality
5) About marriage and family
6) About work and wealth
7) About circumstances
8) About the world

  None of the chapters are very long, and he mainly hits on some main points of what he discusses in that chapter. For example, one that was of particular interest to me since I have that particular struggle is chapter 19: if I experience same-sex attraction, I should pursue a same-sex relationship. This chapter, and most of the others, covers 5 brief pages. However, in those 5 pages, I feel he covered why homosexuality is wrong, and why a Christian cannot have a same-sex relationship.

 Wolgemuth does a great job covering the many other lies that men can tend to believe, and he also did a great job picking out the ones to address. I found the book an interesting read as he has a way f writing about these issues that is not at all dull and boring, and I also feel this is a book that will be helpful to any man following Christ. With the wide variety and the amount of issues addressed in the book, there is something in here for everyone.

 I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

About the author:

ROBERT WOLGEMUTH has been in the media business for thirty-nine years. He is former president of Thomas Nelson Publishers and the owner of Wolgemuth & Associates, Inc., a literary agency exclusively representing the writing work of more than one hundred authors. Dr. Wolgemuth is a speaker and best-selling author of over twenty books, including She Calls Me Daddy, the notes to the Dad's Devotional Bible, The Most Important Place on Earth, and What's in the Bible: The Story of God Through Time and Eternity, co-written with R. C. Sproul. He is a 1969 graduate of Taylor University, where he received an honorary doctorate in May 2005. Dr. Wolgemuth is married to Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth and has two grown daughters, two sons-in-law, and five grandchildren.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Forlorn by Gina Detwiler

Book description:

Bad luck seems to follow Grace Fortune wherever she goes. She was orphaned at a young age, and her musical talent got her accepted to a prestigious school for the arts, where she was caught in the middle of horrific school shooting that nearly takes her life.

But then she meets gorgeous loner, Jared Lorn, and falls madly in love. There is only one problem. Jared is not exactly human. He's a Nephilim, an angel/human hybrid, descended from a cursed line of fallen angels known as the Watchers.

Having a half-demon boyfriend who's under a curse from God can be tough enough. But then Grace decides that she wants to help free Jared from the curse by killing his angel father, Azazel, who is bound up in the Abyss, where he will be judged at the End of Days.

She has a powerful ally in her guardian angel Ariel, who has given her a weapon: a Song that can tame demons. With a crew of loyal friends, Grace and Jared will travel to the ends of the earth, battling the forces of heaven and hell that seek to defeat them. Yet as their love grows stronger, they will find themselves in danger of succumbing to the very corruption that caused the Watchers' downfall.

My review:

  Gina Detwiler is a new author to me, and I was looking forward to reading and reviewing her books since I got the opportunity to do so.

 There is a passage in Genesis that talks about the sons of God coming into the daughters of men and children were borne of those unions. Much has been theorized and said about what that could mean. Many Bible scholars believe it was angels who were the sons of God. This author took that approach, and is not the first to come up with beings half angel and half human as a result of that union. These beings are referred to as Nephilim, a term that has been around for a while.

 I really enjoyed Frank Pertetti's earliest novels with tales of angels and demons fighting for and against God and God's people. This novel falls into the same category of books, but is geared for teens.

 I really enjoyed the book. Characters are important to me, and can make or break a book. Detwilwer did a great job on all of her characters, but especially the main ones who take center stage in the book. My favorite character is Jared, the 150 year old half angel/half human who looks like a teenager in appearance. Though his future looks bleak and bad, he has the desire to do right and to protect his friends, especially the girl he falls in love with. Then there us Grace - the heroine of the story, her friends Ethan, Bree, and Penny, and the self appointed guardian of Jared.....Ralph.

 There is a lot of action in the book, conversations between angels, fights among angels, demons, and manifestations of demons in people. There is definitely a spirit world, and more of a battle for our souls than we comprehend. I thought the author did a great job of portraying what that unseen world may look like.

 There are guardian angels in the book, and I liked the way the author portrayed them and how they possibly may work and act. Sure, it is the author's imagination, but it is still fascinating to read and think about.

 The book is a fast and easy read. There were times I read it on my breaks at work, and had a hard time putting it down to go back to work. Though it is written and geared for teens, I am proof that adults can enjoy it also.

 There is an ending to the book that makes you want to immediately start the next book, which I do have ready to dive into.

 This is going to be at least a 4-book series, and Forlorn is a great start to the series. I am looking forward to reading more about these characters, and the war between good and evil.

 I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

About the author:

Gina Detwiler was planning to be a teacher but switched to writing so she wouldn't have to get up so early in the morning. She is the co-author with bestselling author and speaker Priscilla Shirer of The Prince Warrior series for middle grade readers. She has also written the novels Hammer of God and Avalon under the name Gina Miani.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

30 Days to Understanding the Bible, 30th Anniversary Edition by Max Anders....with a giveaway

Book description:

If you've ever confused the ark of the covenant with the ark of Noah, or Jericho with Jeroboam, Max Anders' classic book, 30 Days to Understanding the Bible, is for you. In just fifteen minutes a day, you'll learn the Bible's key people, events, and doctrines to get more out of God's Word. This simple-to-use, straightforward guide has been recommended by Bible teachers and pastors for thirty years, and now it's available in an expanded thirtieth anniversary edition—with the most requested topics from the original edition restored and updated for today's readers.

Features include:

The “Arc of Bible History” to help you visualize the Bible’s overarching themes
The “Story of the Bible” summarizing Genesis through Revelation in just a few pages
The core beliefs of the Christian faith, focusing on the teachings that have united Christians for the last 2,000 years
13-week plan that provides teacher’s every creative and effective tool for teaching the Bible in 30 days 
Fan-favorite bonus content, previously removed, now restored from the original edition.

My review:

  The original book has been around for 30 years, but I can't remember if I read it before or not. I have read a lot of books in my life.

 This book is more of a reference type of book, but it is written in an interesting and easy to read manner...which is not always the case with reference books.

  The book is split up into 7 sections:
The Old Testament Era
The New Testament Era
10 Great Doctrines of the Bible
NanoSummery of the Bible
How to Master the Bible so well that the Bible Masters You
Teaching Plan
Bonus Chapters

 Scattered throughout are also some self-tests and review sections. I have been familiar with the Bible for most of my life, but I still found the book informative, helpful, and interesting. It would be idea for new Christians, but it would also be good for any Christian, no matter how familiar they are with the Bible. It would also make a good Bible study book. I definitely recommend it.


 Courtesy of FlyBy Promotions, I have one copy to give away. Just comment on this post, and I will pick a winner using one week from today. If you do not have a blogger account, email me using my email off to the left.

About the author:

Max Anders (Th.M. Dallas Theological Seminary, D.Min. Western Seminary) is the author of over 20 books and the creator and general editor of the Holman Bible Commentary. Dr. Anders has taught on the college and seminary level, was one of the original team members with Walk Thru the Bible Ministries, and has pastored for over 20 years. He is the founder and president of 7 Marks, Inc., a ministry specializing in discipleship strategies and materials for local churches.

Thanks to FlyBy Promotions for the review and giveaway copies.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Orion by Tony Ross

Book review:

David Johansen thought he'd escaped the violence of his past. He had no idea how wrong he was. Faced with a killer's deadly ultimatum, and trapped in an overcrowded, snowbound hotel, David must protect both a frightened young woman and the people of the small town he calls home...while confronting the darkest secrets of his heart. Orion is the suspenseful, page-turning sequel to the award-winning Victor: The Reloaded Edition.

My review:

  This is the second in a series of books that I have reviewed. They are different from your average Christians suspense in that they deal with cloning. It is a good different though, and I enjoyed the book a lot.

 Orion is even more suspenseful than the first book, and I would actually label it more of a thriller than just suspense. A lot happens in the book, and it is pretty much non-stop page turning suspense and drama. It is one of those types of books that I had no clue what was going to happen next, and was clueless to the who. The author did a great job of not just spinning a great story that is a nail biter, but he also showed a realistic picture of what fear in a large crowd of people can be like and what some of those people will do to protect themselves.

 The identity of the killer wasn't just a surprise to me, it was actually a shock. I truly did not see it coming. I have to give the author kudos for doing such a great job on that. Orion is truly a great read that I thoroughly enjoyed.

 I was given a copy of this book by a friend for the purpose of reviewing it.

About the author:

Tony Ross is an author who's not afraid of the dark.

In his first book, The Ugly Duckling's Revenge, he opens the door to his own past struggles with alcoholism and depression. He shares what God did to pull him out and offers a message of hope to readers: "If God can do it for me, He can do it for you!"

His next two books, Victor and Orion, are what Tony defines as "thrillers for thinkers," stories filled with action, adrenalin and deep spiritual meaning, stories that look into the deepest darkness of man to shine a brighter light. Victor won a silver medal for Christian Fiction in the Readers Favorite 2013 International Award Contest.

Melody's Memory is a departure from thrillers; it's a novella focusing less on suspense and action and more on the condition of the heart. Tony invites readers to open the long-locked doors of their own hearts, shine the light on what may be hidden there, and allow healing to come.

Tony is now revisiting the world he created in Victor and Orion in The Black Cat Chronicles, a series of short novellas set before Victor. He is also in the process of editing Brimstone, the third book following Victor and Orion.

When he's not writing, Tony enjoys country living, backyard campfires, recreational reading and outdoor sports. He has been a member of the ministry team at Calvary Apostolic Church in Clintonville, WI since 2004. Tony is happily married and has five children.

Dead Sea Rising, Dead Sea Chronicles #1 by Jerry Jenkins

Book description:

Nicole Berman is an archaeologist on the brink of a world-changing discovery. During her first dig in Jordan, she believes she has found concrete evidence of a biblical patriarch that could change history books forever. But someone doesn’t want the truth revealed. While urgently trying to connect pieces of an ancient puzzle, a dangerous enemy is out to stop her.

My review: 

  This is going to be a mixed review. The book was well written and interesting, as Jenkin's books always are.

  There are three stories going on in the book, and the author bounces back and forth between the three. First, there is the modern day story with the main character's mother having an accident that doesn't appear to be an accident. The second story is about her father's time fighting in Vietnam. The third story is way back B.C. centering on Abraham's father and the birth of Abraham. Maybe the next book will solve my confusion, but I was left confused at the end of the story. I kept expecting the three stories to come together and have something to do with each other, but they didn't.

 I felt the plot did not reflect the description of the book, unless I missed something. And as I said, maybe the next book will resolve that.

 I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

About the author:

Jerry Bruce Jenkins is an American novelist and biographer. He is best known as co-author of the Left Behind series of books with Tim LaHaye. Jenkins has written over 185 books, including mysteries, historical fiction, biblical fiction, cop thrillers, international spy thrillers, and children's adventures, as well as non-fiction. His works usually feature Christians as protagonists. In 2005, Jenkins and LaHaye ranked 9th in's 10th Anniversary list of Hall of Fame authors based on books sold at during its first 10 years. Jenkins now teaches writers to become authors here at his website. He and his wife Dianna have three sons and eight grandchildren.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Under the Midnight Sun, The Heart of Alaska #3 by Kimberly Woodhouse & Tracie Peterson

Book description:

Tayler Hale is ahead of her time as one of the first women naturalists. She has always loved adventure and the great outdoors, and her remote job location also helps keep her away from the clutches of the man to whom she once made a foolish promise. It seems she must keep running, however, and in secret, her boss from Yellowstone arranges for a new job . . . in Alaska.

The popular Curry Hotel continues to thrive in 1929 as more visitors come to Alaska and venture into the massive national park surrounding Denali. Recent graduate Thomas Smith has returned to the hotel and the people he considers family. But when a woman naturalist comes to fill the open position and he must work with her, everything becomes complicated.

The summer brings unexpected guests and trouble to Curry. With his reputation at stake, will Thomas be able to protect Tayler from the danger that follows?

My review:

  Unless you read a lot of fiction, you may not understand getting attached to fictional characters....but it happens, especially with a series. In the first book of this trilogy, the authors introduce the then late teens Thomas, a likable clumsy and gangly orphan. He had a crush on the main female character of book #1, but she had other romantic interests, and he was like a brother. The authors may not have planned it, but Thomas became the most liked character of the series, not just by me, but by other readers. his story.

  Words can be overused at times, and some words used to exaggerate. Awesome may be a word that is overused, but is not an exaggeration for this book. It is no surprise, as this was a great series.

 What's to like?

The characters: 

There is the already mentioned Thomas, who has been a focused on in the other books, but becomes one of the two main characters in this story. He has to be the most likable person in these books, and there have been several. Then there is the female protagonist, Tayler, trying to make it as a woman in a man's world, and getting push-back from the young college graduate, Thomas. The budding attraction between these two who rub each other wrong for a lot of the time is enjoyable and humorous.

 Others from the previous two books are back, including the grumpy head of the hotel kitchen, Mrs Johnson, and her two would be suitors.....whose antics had me laughing out loud.

The suspense:

 This isn't suspenseful as the books I usually read, but it does have its suspenseful moments and its not-so-nice guys making an appearance. I always enjoy that in a book.

The romance:

 I may be a bachelor, but I am a romantic at heart, and have come to enjoy romance in a book, as long as it is done right and not overly gushy or unrealistic. There were actually three romances going on in this book, one that was downright hilarious (mentioned already). The main one involved the hero and heroine of the story, and it was also humorous at times, and very entertaining. I admit I was cheering on Thomas, and hoping and figuring he would get the girl. Spoiler: he does.

Christian content:

 I have never understood Christian fiction authors who avoid Christian content, or readers who don't like it - and both exist. Woodhouse and Peterson are not afraid to go there, and they go there very well in this book. The main takeaway in that area from this book is forgiveness. Via a fictional preacher, they tackle that subject well enough that I had to say "ouch". It is an area I need help in, and am undoubtedly alone in.

Plot and setting:

  This book and series was set in the early 1900's at the Curry Hotel, an actual hotel near a railroad and Mount Denali. The authors did a tremendous job of describing the hotel, mountain, and other areas. I feel it is a mark of a great author who can paint a great picture with words and cause the reader to feel they are stepping into the story and seeing what the fictional characters are seeing. And that happened in this book, and the previous two. It caused me to wish I could visit that area some day.

  The Heart of Alaska was a great read, and a true treat to enjoy. I was sad to see it end, but Under the Midnight Sun brought the series to a truly great and satisfying end, and left the recurring characters in a great place to end the book. I definitely recommend this book, and the whole series.

 I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

About the authors: 

Kimberley Woodhouse ( is an award-winning, bestselling author of more than fifteen fiction and nonfiction books. A popular speaker and teacher, she's shared her theme of "Joy Through Trials" with more than half a million people across the country at more than 2,000 events. Kim and her incredible husband of twenty-five-plus years have two adult children. She's passionate about music and Bible study and loves the gift of story. You can connect with Kimberley on her website and at

Tracie Peterson ( is the bestselling, award-winning author of more than 100 novels. Tracie also teaches writing workshops at a variety of conferences on subjects such as inspirational romance and historical research. She and her family live in Montana.

 Under the Midnight Sun, and the other two books in the Heart of Alaska Series is available from Bethny House Publishing, part of the Baker Publishing Group.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Stories Behind the Great Traditions of Christmas By Ace Collins

Book description:

The fascinating stories and origins behind Christmas traditions such as the colors of red and green, the Christmas tree, caroling, nativity scenes, the Yule log, gift-giving, stockings, advent wreaths, mistletoe, and holly.

The cheer of a crackling hearth fire. Colorful cards from friends and loved ones. An evergreen tree festooned with ornaments. The golden traditions of Christmas—gifts, wreaths, stockings, carols, mistletoe, and more—infuse our celebration of the season with meaning and glowing memories. And, in ways you may not realize, they point us to the birth of Christ. Stories Behind the Great Traditions of Christmas reveals the people, places, and events that shaped the best-loved customs of this merriest of holidays. Here are spiritual insights, true-life tales, and captivating legends to intrigue you and your family and bring new luster and depth to your celebration of Jesus’ birth. Discover how:

  • after eighteen centuries of all but ignoring the event, churches began to open the door for believers to commemorate Jesus’ incarnation.

  • the evergreen tree, once a central theme in the worship practices of pagan cultures, came to represent the everlasting love of God.

  • the magi’s three gifts—gold, frankincense, and myrrh—are filled with spiritual symbolism.

The traditions of Christmas lend beauty, awe, and hope to the holiday, causing people all over the world to anticipate it with joy. The stories in this book will warm your heart as you rediscover the true and eternal significance of Christmas.

My review:

 Ace Collins has a few of this type of book out, and I have enjoyed each one. I meant to get this review up before Christmas, but got too here it is on New Year's Day.

  He covers twenty-sex traditions of Christmas, from Advent to the Yule Log. The book is not just informative, but it is also written in an interesting and easy to read manner. I was familiar with all twenty-sex things he covered, but I learned a lot, and there were some traditions I had no clue as to where they originated.

 There are people who try to say Christmas came from pagan traditions, and this book would be great for them. Woven throughout these traditions is the proof that they are wrong. Reading this before and during the Christmas holidays can make the season more meaningful, and help one appreciate the traditions and meaning of Christmas.

About the Author

Ace Collins is the writer of more than sixty books, including several bestsellers: Stories behind the Best-Loved Songs of Christmas, Stories behind the Great Traditions of Christmas, The Cathedrals, and Lassie: A Dog’s Life. Based in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, He continues to publish several new titles each year, including a series of novels, the first of which is Farraday Road. Ace has appeared on scores of television shows, including CBS This Morning, NBC Nightly News, CNN, Good Morning America, MSNBC, and Entertainment Tonight.

Stories Behind the Great Traditions of Christmas is available from Zondervan Publishing.

Thanks to BookLook Bloggers for the review copy.

Indivisible by Travis Thrasher

Book description:

Inspired by true events, Indivisible is a story of love, service, and finding each other all over again.

Darren and Heather Turner share a passion for serving God, family, and country. When Darren is deployed to Iraq as an army chaplain, Heather vows to serve military families back home as she cares for the couple’s three young children.

Darren knows he’s overseas to support the troops in their suffering as their chaplain. What he doesn’t know is how he will get through his own dark moments. And as communication from Darren dwindles, Heather wonders what is happening in her husband’s heart. Meanwhile, she’s growing weary in the day-to-day life of a military base—each child’s milestone Darren will never see, each month waiting for orders, each late-night knock on the door.

When Darren returns, he is no longer the husband Heather once knew. She is no longer the woman Darren wed. And so it’s at home that the Turners face their biggest battle: to save their marriage.

Based on the screen play by David Evans, Indivisible is a tribute to the beauty of serving our country, the courage of choosing love in the darkness, and the power of a God who never gives up hope.

My review:

 I actually don't have a review for this book. I requested it to review a few months ago, and never received it. I contacted the place I review it for 3 times, and no one ever got back to me. The book is still sitting on my account, and I am afraid if I don't do something, I will be it hinders me from requesting books. So I am doing this, so I can at least provide links and get the book off my account as waiting for review.

My top favorite books of 2018

 My goal for the year was to read 130 books. I bypassed that and hit 221. For the last few years or so, I have compiled my top favorite books of the year. With 221, it was difficult to pick my top ones. Most people would try for their top 10, but that just wasn't going to happen. Mine is y going to be the top 20, which was hard enough to do. The books are  in no order of ranking, except in the order I read them for the most part. There are some by my favorite authors, but they are my favorites for a reason, so of course their books are on the list. Most are fiction, but that is what I mostly read. There are a few cases of two books in the same series, and I  coupled those together instead of listing them separately.

  I read a lot of great books. My favorite genre' is Christian suspense, so those show up a lot in my top 20. There are books I liked so well that I re-read the ending a few times and other parts that I liked. There is even one I read twice. And I read a lot of really good ones that are not on my list. These are just the ones that I liked the most, or impacted me the most.

 So here are my top 20 favorite books of 2018:

1) Oath of Honor and Called to Protect  (Blue Justice, #1 & #2) by Lynette Eason

2) Dangerous Illusions and Hidden Peril (Code of Honor Series #1 & #2)  by Irene Hannon

3) View From Rainshadow Bay (Lavender Tides #1)  by Collen Coble

4) Out of the Ashes (Heart of Alaska #2) by Kimberly Woodhouse  and Tracie Peterson

5) The Masterpiece by Francine Rivers

6) Not by Sight, Only by Death, and A Treacherous Mix (The Ozark Trilogy, #1, #2, #3) by Kathy Herman

7) Send Down the Rain by Charles Martin

8) Dead Drift, Chesapeake Valor #4 by Dani Pettrey

9) Thirst of Steel (The Tox Files #3)  by Ronie Kendig

10) The Soldier's Surprise Family by Jolene Navarro

11) A War of Loves by David Bennett

12) In Too Deep (Dive Team Investigations #2)  by Lynn H Blackburn

13) Lonestar Christmas by Jolene Navarro

14) A Bodyguard for Christmas (Murphy #3)  by Carol Post

15) Christmas Hideout (McKade Law #3)  by Susan Sleeman

16) The Christmas Child (Redemption River #4)  by Linda Goodnight

17) A Secret to Die For by Lisa Harris

18) Home to Crossroads Ranch by Linda Goodnight

19) His Surprise Son by Allie Pleiter

20) The Rancher's Secret Child (Bluebonnet Springs #3)  by Brenda Minton

Honorable mentions: The Love Inspired Suspense line has several series of books that are done by different authors, each book by a different author. They feature the same characters, with each book centering on a different character. There is usually one mystery/plot that goes through all the books, and each book having its own mystery that gets solved in that book. These books are not only great suspense novels, but it impresses me that these authors get together and have to all know the characters, in addition to what the other authors did with, and are planning on doing with those characters. There are a few series involving K-9 officers and their dogs, which I found fascinating even though am not a dog lover.  If I listed all of the books in theese series I read this year, that would have taken up my top 20 just on those books, so I am doing an honorable mention:

1) Without A Trace, various authors

2) Capitol K-9, various authors

3) Military K-9 Unit, various authors

4) Texas K-9 Unit, various authors

And one more single novel I overlooked that was just plain awesome. Instead of trying to replace one in my list of top 20, I am putting it here in the honorable mentions, but it was truly awesome.

5) Lonestar Witness (Lonestar Justice #5)  by Margaret Daily