Friday, November 6, 2009

A Hero's Tribute, by Graham Garrison

Much admired for his athletic ability, military service, and community work, local hero Michael Gavin is dying from cancer. When he asks a sports reporter he's never met to deliver his eulogy, Wes Watkins accepts. But as he researches Michael's life, a different legend emerges. How will Wes describe Michael? And how will he define himself?

My thoughts:

This book is different from the type of fiction I normally read, but I enjoyed reading it. It starts with the hero of the town, Michael Gavin, dying, and a newspaper reporter, who didn't even know him, being given the job to write a story about him and give his eulogy. As Wes, the reporter begins interviewing friends and family, and digging deep into Michael Gavin's past, he uncovers some things that show Michael may not be the perfect hero everyone thought that he was.

Though at time sad and poignant, the author delivers a well-written and interesting look at a home town hero, and at the grace that rescued him, and can rescue us all.

About the author:

Graham Garrison is the author of two published books – “Hero’s Tribute” and “Groomed: From Proposal To Vows, Wedding Planning And An Engagement From A Groom’s Point of View.” He is currently the managing editor for three magazines published by a health care communications company and is also a writer/editor for two other publications. He’s written for almost a half dozen newspapers and two dozen magazines, including America’s Civil War, Boating World, Georgia Physician and Repertoire.

Graham has lived in almost a dozen towns, five states (Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and Washington) and one army base (Fort Bragg, N.C.). He’s grown roots in Johns Creek, Ga., with his wife Katie, son Nicholas and Baxter the Beagle. He and his family worship at Mount Pisgah United Methodist Church. He is a Florida Gator by birth, but a Georgia Bulldog by the grace of God.