Sunday, August 9, 2009

That's My Child

I have screwed up a lot in my life. I will be the first to admit it. And as I come crawling back to God to ask His forgiveness for the umpteenth time, I always feel so ashamed. I don't deserve His grace and forgiveness, but I guess that is exactly what grace is....not getting what we deserve.

This is bad to admit it in public, but during the sermon this morning, my mind started wandering - don't tell my pastor! The words of a song was playing through my mind (lyrics below) and I got to wondering about something. If we can - and do - displease God by our actions, then on the flip side, isn't it entirely possible - and likely - that when we stand firm in the face of temptation, and not fall or give in - that He is proud of us? Just like we are proud of a child, loved one, or friend, who makes progress or does something well?

As elementary as the truth may be, and for as many times as I have listened to the song, that truth never hit me before. That God might actually be proud of me when I do right. The idea feels pretty good. As the song referenced says, He might just look down and say with pride "that's my child!"

That's My Child

Have you ever watched a daddy
As he watched his little boy
When he would say Daddy's name for the very first time
How his eyes would feel with joy
Have you ever watched that daddy
Watch his little boy
Ride his bike for the very first time
He'd proudly say, "hey that's my boy."

Have you ever watched a mama
As her eyes would fill with tears
When her little girl would say "Mamma I love you,
You're the bestest mama in the world"
Have you ever watched a mamma
As she watched her little girl
Play the piano for the very first time
She'd proudly say, "hey that's my girl."

Now we have a Heavenly Father
Who loves us even more
He watched over all His children
As they face their earthly toils
And I believe He smiles with pride
Every time we overcome
I believe He stands and looks over Heaven's portals
And proudly says, "that's my child."

That's my child there
Tell me, did you see him
When the enemy came against his soul
He just looked our way
Angels come on over here
I want you to see him
That's my child there
And very soon the Father's going to send us
To take him away
That's my child


Unknown said...

Wow, I have been lookin for that song forever thanks and may I bring you an word of encouragement No matter how big the moutain is that is face you while you are lookin from the valley just look up and think how big our god is he can show up in our darkness moments. When we think we are all alone God is always there is the mist check out my myspace page I think its if not you can add by email I dont use that email no more just the myspace page but you can message me thre anytime I have had my share of valleys just coming out of my toughest to date but God overcame it all and I'm where I'm at now cause I never forgot :)