Sunday, March 7, 2010

What Your Son Isn't Telling You by Ross & Shellenberger

Keys to Understanding Your Son's Heart and Mind

Your son struggles with the constant pressure to prove himself--in the classroom, on the playing field, and especially among his friends. And while he may put up a tough exterior, deep inside he hungers for family support and connection. You long to be there for him, but chances are he's put up a formidable wall of silence, leaving you wondering how to break through.

In What Your Son Isn't Telling You, teen experts Michael Ross and Susie Shellenberger offer a rare glimpse into the secret lives of teen boys--behind-the-scenes footage you might miss in the day-to-day life of your son--accompanied by practical advice on how to provide the support and connection your son desperately needs.

Packed with real-life stories and emails from teen guys, this must-read will give you a new understanding of what your son isn't telling

I don't have any kids, but thought this looked like a good book to review, and it was. Though not a long book, having only 190 pages, it is packed with useful information for parents of teen boys. There are 15 chapters dealing with everything from what he needs from Mom, father and son time, dating, the internet, and even covers the gay issue. They included a lot of emails from teen boys, which are fascinating and heartbreaking. I highly recommend this book as a useful tool for any parents who have teen boys, or will.

About the authors:

Michael Ross is a veteran youth communicator and former editor of Breakaway, a national magazine for teen guys published by Focus on the Family. His online advice column--"HEY MIKE!"--was read by thousands worldwide each month. Michael is also the author of more than 18 books for young people, including the Gold Medallion winner BOOM: A Guy's Guide to Growing Up and a bestselling devotional, Faith That Breathes. He and his wife, Tiffany, live in Colorado Springs with their young son, Christopher, and two cats.

Susie Shellenberger was founding editor of Focus on the Family's Brio magazine for teen s in 1990 and continued to serve as editor for more than two decades. A former youth pastor and a high school teacher, she has written more than forty books, is in demand as an international speaker for women's groups and teens, and started the Brio Mother/Daughter Cruise for Focus on the Family. Susie lives in Colorado Springs and recently launched a new magazine for teen s, Susie.

What Your Son Isn't Telling You, subtitled Unlocking The Secret World of Teen Boys, is available from Bethany House Publishers.

Thanks to Bethany House for the review copy.


Carmen said...

Thank you for writing this book. There have been upteen books on girls and their issues. This is a very eye opening book. This book is a 'must have' for every parent. I plan to get it!!!
I've been entering your contests and decided to see who you are and what you are doing. So glad I looked.
desertrose5173 at gmail dot com