Sunday, March 7, 2010

In Justice by Alan Sears

(Note: This is a "free book review", meaning the book was not sent to me to review, but is one I purchased, and was so impressed by it, decided to review it anyway. Also, this is NOT a giveaway.)

America’s first and most important freedom is on life support.

Three friends say good-bye after graduation from Princeton. Each is bound by high ideals and a resolute ambition to change the world . . . but unable to anticipate the dramatic events that will bring them back together.

Each Sunday Pastor Pat Preston stands behind the pulpit of his Nashville megachurch, hoping to change the world by proclaiming biblical truth.

Newly appointed U.S. Assistant Attorney General John Knox Smith is out to change the world one arrest at a time. He is determined to mandate equality and wipe out intolerance by criminalizing hate speech. And he will prosecute anyone who discriminates against the new legal classes of people he has helped create . . . even Pat Preston.

Standing between them is their friend Matt Branson, who now works in the Justice Department.

Aided by the Alliance, a legal organization dedicated to defending religious freedom, Pastor Pat fights to hold onto his faith, his family—and his mind.

Can Pastor Pat and religious freedom survive this frightening world John Knox Smith is working to create?

This was a fantastic, yet scary book. Though fictional, it is a all-too believable scenario of what could happen right here in our free USA if liberals and organizations like the ACLU keep pushing their agenda of hate speech and try to do away with our freedom of speech.

In the book, which IS fiction, that is exactly what happens. Preachers are hauled off to jail. Christian broadcasts are taken off the air, Christian organizations are shut down, and properties belonging to people guilty of hate speech suddenly become the property of the US government. Some churches and pastors give in, and preach a watered down Gospel that would offend no one, instead of facing fines and imprisonment.

What made the story all the more believable and scary for me are the credentials of the author. He isn't some random author who knows nothing about these things, but is the CEO of the Alliance Defense Fund,a legal alliance of Christian attorneys and like-minded organizations defending the right of people to freely live out their faith. A group of people who are out there fighting for the freedoms of Christians across this land.

This book reminded me of how important it is for Christians to vote, and to vote people in who will preserve our freedoms, not destroy them.

My one complaint about the book is minor: the story doesn't really end, but leaves the reader hanging and awaiting for the sequel: In Justice - America On Trial.

About the author:

Alan Sears is the President, CEO , and General Counsel of the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), the largest religious liberty legal alliance in America ( He has served in private law practice and in numerous positions within the United States Government, including the Department of Justice, as an Assistant U.S. Attorney and Chief of the Criminal Section, as Director of the Attorney General’s Commission on Pornography; and as Associate Solicitor in the Department of the Interior. Alan has coauthored several books, including The Homosexual Agenda: Exposing the Principal Threat to Religious Freedom Today, and The ACLU vs. America, both with Craig Osten.

In Justice is avaiable from Winepress Publishing.