Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Are Christians too quiet?

I admit, a couple of replies I got to my "cursing post" got me thinking, and has led to this blog post. If you didn't read it, I was blogging about my frustration with Christian authors and publishers who are allowing a curse word here and there in their books. I complain to the author and publisher every time it happens, though not everyone agrees with me. But on to my question......

Are we too quiet? Too docile? Sure, we are to love everyone and be peacemakers, but have we Christians been cutting our own throats? Take this cursing in Christian books. If no one ever speaks up, will it stop? Nope. In fact, it could spread and get worse, although a few people speaking up may not make much of a difference. But lets go on to bigger things, and not so recent.

Abortion. No matter how you look at it, it is . of the most being that there is, a baby. A side note: my former pastor made a statement once that has stuck with me - if the of Abel cried from the ground when he was ed, how much more is the of the millions of babies America has ed crying out to God. But back to my point - when abortion was legalized, had every true follower of Jesus Christ stood up in protest, flooded their congressmen with phone calls, the White House, marched on Washington DC, who knows what might have happened. But we shrugged our shoulders and figured there was nothing we could do.

TV. Not as much of a biggie as abortion, although I firmly believe TV has made a lot of things acceptable and normal to people. If they see it enough on TV, it becomes ok, whether it be premarital , homosexuality, or cursing. And I go back to my premise - had Christians really stood up to the immorality and language on TV, we would most likely have a cleaner boob tube today.

Why don't we stand up more? Is it because we don't think it will do any good? Are we too lazy? Afraid?

I don't want to get too political here, but I want to use something as an example. Hopefully I will not offend anyone. This health care bill that has been being discussed. The majority of Americans are against it, conservative and liberal alike. Republican or Democrat. I have followed it a lot, and have read what is the bill. Besides the fact that I don't want the government in control of my health care and forced to buy it or pay a fine, there are other ugly things about it, too many to go into here. I said all that to say this: I have emailed and called my Senators and Congressman many times over this issue in the last few months. Unfortunately, they seem determined to vote for it anyway, but across America, people are speaking up, and it has made a difference. Instead of the easy and quick vote they thought they would have, it has become a long, bitter fight, with even many members of the majority party not going along with it. Why? Because people are speaking up. Imagine if Christians fought evil that hard.

I firmly believe Christians should be involved in politics, and vote. We have too many who do not. I could be wrong - I was one time - just kidding, have been a lot - but I believe if every true Christian voted, and voted conservatively, as close to Biblical values as possible, the men and women who made abortion legal would never have been nominated to the Supreme Court. That we would not be facing the battle for gay marriage and other effects of the gay agenda.

But all too often, we stay home on voting day. The candidate isn't quite what we wanted. Well, guess what, politicians are dirty. Some may be better than others, but none of them are pristine and lily white. I view it as voting for the lesser of two evils. I wouldn't necessarily call myself a one-issue voter, but I am pro-life, and that is a big issue. Sure, national security is a biggie, but if we could all view abortion as God does, I'm sure it would affect the way we vote, the way we live, forever.

So much for not getting political.

I don't consider myself majorly intelligent. In fact, some days I feel downright dumb. But I do think a lot about stuff like this, and wonder. I wonder what kind of world we would be living in if Christians had spoke up more. Prayed more. Been more involved in voting and the issues. When is the last time you prayed that God would stop the scourge of abortion? I have to admit, I can't remember the last time I did. Maybe that is part of the problem - we get used to it. Sin doesn't shock us anymore. Maybe the day will come that I read a Christian book and run onto a few curse words and not even notice them. I hope not, but it is happening to too many Christians - we are used to sin, and nothing shocks us anymore.

These are just some thoughts I had and tried to get across in my own clumsy way, but think about it. I know I will. What can I do to help fight against the evil that is all around us? What can you do?