Monday, March 22, 2010

Getting Taken Down a Peg

Sometimes in life stuff happens to take us down a peg, whether we needed it or not. You know what I'm talking about - public humiliation. Thought I'd share my most recent one in case anyone needs to smile......

My church had special revival services this week. After church on Saturday evening, a couple from church, the Quessenberrys, asked my parents and I, and my sister, brother-in-law and nieces to meet them at the Baskin Robbins/Dunkin Donuts place in town. Then, the speaker of our revivial, asked my sis and her family to meet them at McDonalds for ice cream, so my sis asked them to Baskin Robbins also.

We go in and are looking at the ice cream, trying to make choices. I decided to wash my hands quick, so I entered the restroom. I heard my brother-in-law call my name, but figured it could wait. I should have listened. I exited to find several amused people looking at me. I had used the women's restroom, not the men's. Sigh.

One of my nieces came over later to my table to rub it in. She loudly announced "Uncle Mark, I didn't use the men's restroom." I laughed and said "neither did I."

One time would be bad enough, but dare I confess that this is the fourth time I did this? And I thought I had kicked the habit. :-) - I did it 3 times within a few months about 5 years ago or so. So here the lesson gets drilled into me again - pay attention to the signs on the bathroom doors!

I went home a bit embarrassed, but having given everyone a laugh. I have to admit though, I'd rather tell a good joke than to be one. :-)


Annette W. said...

This was funny. But then when you admitted that it was the fourth time. Priceless!

Kim M. said...

hahaha! I did that when I was a teenager, but thankfully a man walked out before I actually got through the door. He laughed at me.