Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Surely This Man

It is weird how you can have a CD for a long time and suddenly start loving a song that you previously didn't really notice. That is the case with this one. The CD came out in 2001 by the Ruppes, a Southern Gospel mother/daughters trio. The CD has 15 songs on it, and this was not one I listened to much, and did not have on my MP3 player. Suddenly, it is one I listen to a lot. Awesome song and words. Couldn't find a video for it, but thought I'd share the lyrics:

Surely This Man (Cindi Ballard & Belinda Smith)

Verse 1
She'd come to draw from Jacob's well so many times before
This day Someone met her there to offer something more
She felt such overflowing joy from this new life she'd found
She ran to spread the glorious news to everyone around

Chorus 1
No man has ever looked at me the way this man did
Such tenderness and mercy, though he knew all my sin
His loving eyes have pierced my heart and made my life stand still
If any man came to change the world, surely this man will

Verse 2
The day was dark as soldiers took a hammer to a cross
Voices mocked among the crowd, victorious in their cause
Then suddenly a soldier's tears were mingled with the rain
He met the gaze of sinless eyes, his words were filled with pain

Chorus 2
No man has ever lived His life the way that this man did
His loved ones say He's blameless, somehow I know He is
No day of has pierced my heart the way this moment does
If any man was the Son of God, surely this man was.

Surely this man is the One we've waited for
Prophet and King
And surely so much more

Chorus 3
No man has ever conquered the way that this man did
Crucified and buried, and yet He lives again
His tender grace has saved my soul and called my heart to His
If any man is my risen Lord, surely this man is.


Belinda said...

Here's a random comment for you--I wrote this song with Cindi Ballard, and today of all days, I was thinking, "What was that song that The Ruppes cut?" After a trip to iTunes, I found it. You know what? I'm with you. It's not one that stood out among my recorded songs, but the more I listen to it, the more I love it. Thank you for helping me remember.

Belinda Smith