Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Michael, Just One Star

I am in no means a fan of a capella singing. Had God intended us to sing without musical instruments, He would not have let them be invented. :-) A side note here: I asked a woman once from the Church of Christ why they don't believe in musical instruments. She gave me 2 reasons. One, they are not mentioned in the New Testament. Weird reason, as there is a lot of things not mentioned in the NT - that doesn't mean they are wrong.........The second reason she gave, was that since everyone can't play something, that it isn't fair for some to be able to praise God in that manner, while others can. In that case, all you people who can sing well, should quit singing, since some of us don't sing well..............

Anyway, we used to have a reading that Mom recorded from the radio by the Regeneration Singers and Dereck Johnson, who I assume wrote it. It has been going through my mind lately, as I always thought it was a cool reading. They never used music, but they hummed, oohed, and ahhed during the reading. I shall try to remember it to put it here, as I cannot locate the reading anywhere.............

Plans were underway in Heaven to celebrate the coming birth of Jesus on earth.
The angels Michael and Gabriel were discussing their great plans for His birth.
Michael was describing a magnificent shooting star display that would fill the heavens for one year preceding Jesus' birth, and for a year following the birth.
Gabriel continued with his plans. On the night of the birth, there would be a choir of angels to announce the birth with song. There would be 10,000 sopranos, 10,000 altos, 10,000 tenors, and 10,000 bass singers.
As the two angels excitedly discussed their plans, God interrupted. "That's not quite what I had in mind".
"What, you mean we need more?!" asked Gabriel.
God smiled. "No. I had something much simpler in mind. Just a quiet manger in Bethlehem".
As He spoke, Jesus stepped onto the carpet of time and began His descent to the earth.
"But Father, He just can't go unannounced! protested Michael.
"OK", God replied. "Gabriel, just a few angels, and Michael, just one star".