Monday, December 15, 2008

The Happy Ipod

Well, my old Ipod is still frowning at me when I try to turn it on, but it has been replaced. I got my first Christmas present in the mail today: a new Ipod! The funny part is, two people bought me one. One of my great friends had pretty much told me he had bought one, and I happened to mention it to Pam, who mentioned it to Mom. Mom had just ordered one for me, so after checking to make sure I had one coming, canceled the one she bought. I gave her a few more ideas to replace that.

I can't say enough about how much I love this new one. It is awesome! My previous one was 20 GB and white. This one is 120 GB and a light black color - slate? It also has cooler features. It also has a little plastic white thing with it that I have no clue what it is for. It is like a small tray that is the width of the Ipod, with a hole in the bottom, like the Ipod goes in it, but I have no idea what for - it is far from being a snug fit. As I type, I am listening to it. My happy Ipod. I am happy too. :-)

Dad's heart cath went well. There was minor blockage that they gave him medicine to take care of, and they did not keep him overnight, as they thought might happen.

A first for me today: I made chex snack mix. Mom makes the original, a bit on the spicy side, as we like it - and only at Christmas - I have no idea why - what is Christmasy about chex mix?! Anyway, there was a recipe on the box for a ranch cheesy chex mix, so off I went to Walmart and got what I needed, and mixed it up. I did mine a bit different than the recipe - added peanuts and cheerios, and extra ranch, and it turned out pretty good. The original cannot be beat, but it is good for a change. Now that I see how easy it is to make, I just may make the other at some point this coming year and break tradition!

They are giving a mandatory hearing test at work on Wednesday this week to everyone who works in the noisy mail room. On Thursday, they are having a lunch - providing sloppy jos and cookies, and whoever wants to bring in other stuff to add to it, can. They are giving everyone a ham, which is cool.

Our church had their Christmas caroling tonight, and came here to sing. They were leaving before I even knew they were here, but as I was in sweats and a t-shirt, I wouldn't have shown my face anyway. :-)

It is hard to believe that Christmas is only 10 days away. I have tried to slow down and enjoy it. I had some of my Christmas books out the other night, and read a few of them through, and of course I am getting a steady diet of Christmas music. Nothing but Christmas. :-)


krledu said...

I have to say I'm a little jealous that you got a new laptop. Mine has started acting funny and now decides when it wants to turn on and off for itself. Well, haven't heard from you in a while so I though I would say hi. How are things going for you? Write me when you get a chance.