Wednesday, December 24, 2008

An Almost Win, and A Cookie Break-in

My day started out early. I woke up at 6 am, and was wide awake, so I got up around 7. Paul made omelets with ham, cheese, peppers, and onions in, and we also had sausage - awesome! After breakfast, Paul, Pam, and I headed off to Austintown to go to the used clothing "superstore". I got a few shirts - I am addicted - a jacket, game, and a few books, and the last gag gift for this Christmas. A rather large stuffed Hippo. We got the idea from the song "I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas". I wrapped it up for Dad, and am going to try to get the song playing when he opens it. :-) Our trip ended with a visit to Main Moon for General So chicken.

Paul and Pam went to his family's house around 5, leaving a very quiet house. Mom and Dad opened their gifts to each other, something I got them myself - CD and gift card for Olive Garden, and they gave me a couple of my gifts. Possibly the second coolest gift I will get (the first was a new Ipod) - a new alarm clock with an Ipod docking station. For you who don't know what that is, it means I can plug my Ipod into the alarm clock, and play it through it, and wake up to my Ipod music. It even has a remote - pretty cool!

While Paul and Pam were gone, Mom, Dad, and I played a couple of games, the first being Scrabble. We play with one extra tile, eight, instead of seven. I started, and did something I have never done: I used all 8 tiles to make a word. Appealed. You would think starting the game out with 50 points I would win. Oh no. I had to open my big mouth and point out a good place to play the Q when someone got it. Dad had it, and got 40-some points because of me. He won by 3 points. Oh well.

I know I look dorky in these pictures, but Pam talked me into it. Nathan at least looks cute. :-)

My siblings are threatening to start a blog to tell embarrassing stories about me, so I will end my Christmas Eve blog by telling one on myself. About the great cookie break-in.
The year was......not sure actually, but I was in college, and was home for Christmas break from college. Mom and Dad still lived in PA at the time. I knew she had just baked several kinds of cookies and was eager to get into them. The rest of the family decided to do some shopping, and I stayed home. Not just to have cookies, but that was in the plans. Their car had barely pulled out of the driveway before I was in the room trying to lift the lid to the big chest freezer where the cookies were. Notice I said "trying". It was locked. Mom knew me so well. :-) But I was not to be so easily defeated! First, I searched for the key, but alas, it was either with Mom, or hidden too well. I examined the lock. It is the kind that has a small thingy in the middle - the key fits over it, and turns it. A light came on - just maybe, Dad's socket wrench set might work. That was easily found, and after a few tries for size, I was in luck - the lock turned, the lid lifted, and the cookies were there just begging to be eaten. So I did what any adult male with a sweet tooth would do. I ate several. Mom wasn't upset to my knowledge, but she was rather surprised when I told her. She had locked it just to keep me out of the cookies while they were gone, and it did not work!