Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

Paul and Pam didn't arrive out here until close to 8 pm last night. Their neighbor, who also goes to their church some, was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and the surgery was scheduled for yesterday morning, and Paul wanted to be at the hospital, so that delayed their departure time. The boys were happy to be here.

My morning started out way too early today. I was awakened around 4 am when the turkey was being put in the oven in the basement. I got back to sleep after a bit, but got awakened again around 7 when Josiah came down to play a computer game.

After a breakfast of a Panera Bread bagel, Paul, Pam, and I set off for Big Lots to take advantage of some specials. About 2 miles down the road, Vicki called and wanted us to go back, as they were coming earlier than planned and wanted Paul to take some family pictures, so we came back and transformed Mom and Dad's basement into "Duncan Studios".

I even got pulled into the "studio" - though I didn't know what was in store when they called me over. I was not dressed for pictures, and had not shaved either, but they made me sit on the stool and smile. Well, at least I sat. :-)

Lunch was served around 12:30, and man did we eat. Mom got carried away with mashed potatoes and there were enough to feed us all a second time. As usual, I didn't quit when I should have. That one last helping of stuffing was over the top, but you can't beat in-the-bird stuffing!

After clean-up, we played some games, then Vicki, Paul & Pam, and I headed off for Big Lots, and got there uninterrupted this time. I didn't quite get what I went for - a blue tooth that was on special for $10 - I paid a few $ more and got one that had something extra with it. Sweat shirts & pants were on sale, but I couldn't find my size. I did pick up a Christmas CD for $4 and my favorite kind of potato chips - salt & pepper. Paul did get half of what he went for - a bookshelf, but they were out of the phone set he wanted. He almost got more than he went for. He and I were looking at the blue tooth case and a woman was also standing there looking. Paul grabbed her cart and started off with it, thinking it was his. She quickly stopped him since her purse was in it. :-) She was nice, and knew it was an honest mistake. What she doesn't know is, later he started off with it again, but relaized before she saw him he had goofed again...............

After coming back home, most of us ate some more - not sure why - you just do that on the holidays! - and finally had dessert. Steve had gone home to work on the addition to their house, so Vicki left soon after. We must be nuts, but decided to go into Salem tomorrow at 7 am to do some shopping, (well, I was not given a vote on the time! ) - so to avoid making the girls go shopping, they are staying tonight also - something they are excited about, as they are already staying tomorrow night.

It is sad that so many of us focus on being thankful more today than any other day - it's good that we do focus, but sad that we don't focus more on being thankful the rest of the year. I was making up my bed a few minutes ago, and Benjy came downstairs to give me a hug good night. He squeezed about as hard as he could, and asked me if that was a "tight one". I assured him it was, and he went off to bed. It's the little things like Benjy seeking me out to give me a hug, that help me realize I have a lot to be thankful for. My family isn't perfect - none are, but they are a great family, and I am thankful for them. And for 50-some more days at least, we are privileged to live in a free country.

I would like a full time job, and a place of my own - I am really starting to feel in the way, though Mom and Dad have said nothing or done anything to make me feel that way, but at least I have a place to stay until I reach that point, and have a part time job that pays my bills and lets me buy an occasional item that I want, and don't really need.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and may this time next year find us all doing as well.


Kim M. said...

Glad you had a nice day! We did too! Lots of food, Rook, great conversations and more food!

Mrs. Deb. Blowers said...

Enjoyed the pictures. Can't believe Steve and Vicki's kids have grown up so fast! Have a good Christmas and New Years.
Mrs. Blowers