Thursday, November 6, 2008

Israel & America

I am sure I have never had an original thought, and someone has most likely thought about this already, but I was thinking today about the similarities between the Israel of the Old Testament, and modern day America.

Israel would get a godly king, and all would go well for several years. People would worship God, and do right. Then that king would die, and a wicked king would take his place. He would bring back idol worship and all sorts of wickedness. Manessah introduced child sacrifice - we have abortion instead. King after king, they would go from serving God, to serving idols, back and forth, until God said it was enough, and the captivity began.

Now I certainly hope we aren't about to be taken into captivity, though it could be close to that - but do we not have a similar track record? The first president I can remember was Jimmy Carter, and I don't remember much about his policies, just that he didn't do too great of a job. We used to have a song we sang as kids "Jimmy Carter has a way of messing up the USA" - Jimmy or Carter could be exchanged for "peanut". :-)

Then 1980 came, and Ronald Reagan became president, in my opinion the greatest president we have ever had. After 2 terms with this great president, he was followed by George Bush, and the conservative traditions and policies continued.

Then the Clinton years began. America was tired of Bush, and wanted new blood, and fell in love with the Clintons - something I still cannot comprehend. Bill Clinton tried to undo what was good in our country. He worked with the abortion industry, made homosexuals in the military legal with the "don't ask, don't tell policy", sold secrets to China, killed only God knows how many people who got in their way, and of course brought a lot of scandal to the White House. And it seemed the majority of Americans didn't care. It didn't matter what the Clintons did, or were suspected of, America practically worshipped the Clintons. Liberalism was again the god of America.

George W Bush took over in 2000, and conservatism was again on the rise. With the tragedy of 911, America's focus went heavily toward God and religion. We seemed to become a Christian nation again. Strides were made in protecting marriage and the unborn, and although the media has demonized Bush, he has kept this country safe from another attack, something I fear will not be true of the next administration.

America has become lax spiritually. Christians are asleep. I find it alarming that anyone who professes to have a relationship with Jesus Christ could vote for a man like Barack Obama, and think what he has to offer is more important than what he stands for and will do to our very freedoms, and what he will do against the unborn.

I think, like Israel, we have made the turn back to our idols, but not idols like they had in Israel. Yes, our idols are gold and silver, but the kind associated with our pocketbook. A vast amount of Americans has decided that the answer to America - and the world's problems, lie in America's first bi-racial president. They decided the economy, our standing with the rest of the world, and other such issues are more important than saving the unborn, and voting for a man who would uphold what is right in America and in God's Word.

I believe that like Israel, America will see the light in the next few years, though it may not take that long. The "Christians" who voted for this man are going to experience buyer's remorse, along with people who do not claim to be Christians. People are going to wake up, Christians are going to finally get off their butts and this nation will turn around again, not as a whole, but we will turn to God and conservatism, but it may take some persecution and loss of some freedoms that may very likely happen in this administration. May God have mercy o America, and as He often did after a wicked rule by a wicked king in Israel, send us a godly president in 4 years, not in 8 or more.