Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rap Music!

I detest winter, and snow, and the cold, and all that, but I have to admit, it puts me in the mood for Christmas. I got out all of my presents, and wrapped them Monday. I got some good (w)rap music going, which helped me get more in the mood to wrap the presents. I have decided next year, I need to buy on;y gifts that are in square boxes. Most of what I bought for the kids this year was horrible to wrap, and looks horrible wrapped, especially the stuffed animals. :-) Oh well, they wouldn't stay pretty anyway once they start tearing into them. All of the things that are here, are wrapped. I have a couple of things coming in the mail for Stephanie, and I still need to buy for my siblings. Instead of buying them all separate- sisters and brothers-in-law, I had the bright idea to buy them things for couples. Brilliant plan if I could come up with an idea what to buy. :-)

This will be the first time in 4 years that we will all be together for Thanksgiving. The last time was in 2004. Vicki & Steve have to spend every other with his family - that's one thing I don't have to worry about - having in-laws drag me from my family! Anyway, in 2005, Vicki and Steve were with his side, then in 2006, they were here, but Pam was pregnant and due around the end of November, so they were afraid to travel - no fears there, Nathan was 10 days late just like his brothers! - Then last year, Paul and Pam were here, but Vicki and Steve had their off year, so it will be nice that the whole gang will be here. Paul & Pam & the boys will arrive Wednesday some time, and will stay through at least Friday, hopefully Saturday.

I slept horribly last night -was in one of my melancholy worrying moods, I guess. Then work was rough today - the machine wasn't set right, so that was frustrating. I came home beat, and managed to grab a short nap - too short. I really felt like staying home, but went to church anyway, then found out it was missionary. :-( It was a pretty good service. This will sound horrible, but I am not a fan of missionary prayer meetings. If they announced when they were, I would stay home - maybe that is why they don't! Missions are great, missionaries are great for doing what they do, but 99% of the missionary services I have been in since I started going to church regularly in 1981, have not been too impressive. Nothing against the speakers, but it usually consists of someone talking some, and people reading stuff. I personally don't think men should have to attend anyway, it is the WOMEN"S missionary society - we aren't allowed to be president, or hold any office, so why should we be expected to go?! :-) I know, I am a horrible person for admitting it, but its true. I have always dreaded missionary prayer meeting, as a kid, and as an adult. Oh well. Who says we have to like everything at church anyway?!

It was a decent service tonight - was on Thanksgiving, and a lady from my church wrote it, and she also presented it. It was a little different than the average thanksgiving service.

Well, I need to shut up and get off of here. Til next time!