Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday

My foray into Black Friday shopping wasn't too bad, though we escaped the worst of it by not going until 7 am, plus, more people went to Youngstown to shop than Salem. I didn't get anything I wanted at Walmart - they were out, but I did get a zippered "hoodie" somewhere else for a good price, and nicer than Walmart would have had. We got Mom and Dad pretty much finished for Christmas, which is mainly what we were out to do, then got Chinese food and went to Vicki's to wrap - well, they wrapped and I read a Garfield book. :-)

I was reading that at a Walmart in New York, people were in such a hurry to get to the deals that an employee was trampled. I love a good deal as much as the next person, but that is insane. This may sound extreme, but I think they should have examined everyone's shoes for blood and at least fined them, if not charge them for manslaughter.

This may also sound extreme, but I feel that the stores are at least partially responsible when something like that happens. They put out a "limited supply" of items at a really good price, with no rain checks. They know people will be fighting to get some of the deals, yet they do it year after year, so does it not fall partly on them if a death happens in that manner?

I had an idea, but they don't ask for my input. :-) Instead of opening early and having a stampede, advertise the specials, but put certain things on at certain times, only announced over the loudspeaker, or do some kind of deal where people get a number, by Internet or something - like a lottery type, and then they are assured to get it. I don't know, but it seems crazy to have stuff like that happen.

Paul and Pam went back home this evening - they went over to his parents' for a while, then headed back to PA. Joey spent most of the day on the couch in his pj's, and threw up at least once. We are hoping no one else gets it, but as much as he and Katie are around each other when they are here, I'd say her chances of catching it are pretty high. I was sad to see them go, but God willing, will see them in about a month when they are here for Christmas. Hard to believe Christmas is that close.

After buying wrapping paper to wrap everything I bought, we found my wrapping paper in a closet today, too late to use it this year. Oh well. I won't have to buy any next year for sure. If we are still allowed to celebrate Christmas - ok, that sounds extreme, but I am afraid the new president is going to try to change this country as drastically as he can, and who knows what next year will bring forth.

There has been as song on my mind a lot lately, as I think about the election results, and read stories of how this nation seems to be getting farther and farther from being a Christian nation. It is the song that I got my blog name from, and I quoted the lyrics in my first blog on blog spot, but they bear repeating. For anyone who is a true Christian doesn't belong here, and should never feel completely at home.

I DON'T BELONG: words by Gloria Gaither, music by Buddy Greene

It's not home
Where men sell their souls
And the taste of power is sweet
Where wrong is right
And neighbors fight
While the hungry are dyin' in the streets
Where kids are abused And women are used
And the weak are crushed by the strong
Nations gone mad
Jesus is sad
And I don't belong

I don't belong
And I'm going someday
Home to my own native land
I don't belong
And it seems like I hear
The sound of a "welcome home" band
I don't belong
I'm a foreigner here
Singing a sojourner's song
I've always known
This place ain't home
And I don't belong

Don't belong
But while I'm here
I'll be living like I've nothin' to lose
And while I breathe
I'll just believe
My Lord is gonna see me through
I'll not be deceived
By earth's make-believe
I'll close my ears to her siren song
By praisin' His name, I'm not ashamed
'Cause I don't belong

Repeat chorus

I belong To a kingdom of peace
Where only love is the law
Where children lead And captives are freed
And God becomes a baby on the straw
Where dead men live
And rich men give
Their kingdoms to buy back a song
Where sinners like me
Become royalty
And we'll all belong

Yes I belong
And I'm going someday
Home to my own native land
Where I'll belong
And it seems like I hear
The sound of a "welcome home" band
Yes, I'll belong
No foreigner there
Singin' a sojourner's song
I've always known
I'm going home
Where I belong
Yes I've always known
This place ain't home
And I don't belong


Kim M. said...

Glad you got some good deals. We have had that sicky bug here too. Justin & Michael had it. It's definitely going around even down in AL.
I like that song "I don't belong"; I feel that way too.