Monday, November 10, 2008

New Holiday?

I am going to have to start slapping myself to make sure I am not dreaming. Plans are underway to promote a national holiday for Barrack Hussein Obama. No, I am not making that up:

Also, the first three things that BO plans on doing with his executive destruction (AKA executive orders) - reverse the stem cell research ruling by Bush, so they can use aborted babies, reverse the ruling on the lifting of the drilling ban, and this last one is a doozy: close the
Guantanamo Bay prison, and try the terrorist criminals as US citizens. Is he nuts? - well, I think that is pretty evident already, and he hasn't even taken over the presidency yet. According to the article I read, this "could require creation of a controversial new system of justice".

I got pretty tired of the Cintons after they had been in office for a couple of years, but I am already filled to the brim with this guy. How on earth will we stand 4, or worse, 8 years of him?! He seems intent on reversing anything that Bush has accomplished. I am afraid we are in for it. Welcome to the United Socialist States of America!

And this just in: He would like to do away with our national anthem, as he "doesn't like the bombs bursting in mid-air" part - please! That has nothing to do with it - he is just bent on destroying this country, and the vast amount of Americans have paved the way. God have mercy on us!

And one last thing on the strange side: The winning lottery number for Illinois, Obama's home state, on the day after the election was 6-6-6. Mean anything? Maybe not, but kind of creepy.