Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Twilight Gospel by Dave Roberts

The spirituality and worldview of the Twilight Saga are fascinating, but they do not sit easily with orthodox Christianity. The Twilight Gospel by Dave Roberts carefully assesses what is praiseworthy and what is less so. It will help you to think more clearly about issues raised in the series, such as occult spirits, myths and legends, sexuality, materialism and more. Designed to help teens and parents discern what is healthy and unhealthy, The Twilight Gospel will help create shrewd, literate young adults as they encounter secular pop culture.

I'm not one to be caught up in the newest craze, but I have seen and heard so much about the Twilight Saga, I decided to check this book out.

The book was well written, and the author has done his research, not on just the Twilight Saga, but also on vampires. He doesn't set out to approve or disapprove of the books, but gives the negatives and positives of the series. I would have to say that with just what I know of the series, and after reading this book, I would not let my kids read the books, or see the movies, but it is a good book for parents to read before they make that decision.

About the author:

Dave Roberts is the author of the best-selling The Toronto Blessing and Red Moon Rising with joint sales in excess of 100,000. He is a former editor of Christianity and won awards for his work on Renewal magazine. He is a local church pastor and conference director for three major annual conferences on worship, children's ministry, and women's ministry.

Thanks to Monarch books for the review copy.

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