Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Will Sing by Gordon Mote

I had a little extra cash for a change, so I bought myself a CD I was wanting, and thought I'd share a bit about it on here for anyone who likes Southern Gospel and might be looking for a new CD to check out.

The artist is Goron Mote. He is blind, and is an excellent pianist and vocalist. He has a few instrumental CDs out, but this is a vocal CD. I won't review each individual song, but will say I really like the song selection, and my favorites would be I Will Sing, Wounded Hands, and When I Life Up My Head, though all 12 songs on the CD are great.

Track listing:

1. I Will Do the Same

2. Your Love Will Keep Guiding Me

3. Wounded Hands

4. Mulberry Tree

5. Hold Me Up

6. When I Lift Up My Head

7. The Beautiful Body of Christ

8. God's Got Somethin' for You

9. A Son of My Own

10. Pray About Everything

11. Kiss the Rock of Ages

12. Jesus King of Angels


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