Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Revelation of King Arthur by Robert Fruehling

Book description:
The Revelation of King Arthur explores the legends that indicate an inherent yearning for a king, champion, or hero through the centuries. Unfortunately, most of the time the wrong heroes were picked! So, one must heed the warning given by Jesus of Nazareth and understand the deception that has been added to His story by those who would adulterate the truth. The faith and facts surrounding Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection have shaped societies from the beginning. If Jesus did not die and His disciples took Him from the tomb, what happened then? There would have to be another story. It is this other story, “The Guards’ Account,” which became the basis for The Legend of The Holy Grail. From the Bible we also know that Jesus had brothers, sisters, and cousins. Into this mix comes the legend/history of King Arthur. As this topic is examined, the author records that some notable authors even write Arthur into the genealogical line of Jesus. The Book of Revelation lists seven markers that speak of The Beast or Anti-Christ. When these markers are compared to legend, they can point to only one person of history or myth, King Arthur, The Once and Future King.

My review:

The idea of this book intrigued me, and though I don't review a lot of non-fiction, decided to review it. I wasn't disappointed. The author has an easy to read writing style, and puts some interesting ideas forth. He gets into some history, going back to Israel's demands for a king, and also gets into the story of King Arthur.

There are some parallels in the antichrist and the story of King Arthur, and though it was an interesting read, I have to say it is a stretch to link the two, but I do not feel reading the book was a waste of time.

About the author:

Robert Fruehling has sixteen years experience in industry as well as an undergraduate degree from Mount Vernon Nazarene University and an M.A. and M.Div. from Ashland Theological Seminary. He is ordained and has served in both The Church of the Nazarene and The United Methodist Church. Robert’s interest in Arthurian lore began in 1995. Since then, through research and connecting the dots of history, myth, and scripture, the picture and motif of King Arthur has emerged. It is his belief that the legend of Arthur will be used in a grand deception. It is his hope that The Revelation of King Arthur will give warning as we face these “Last Days.”

The Revelation of King Arthur is available from Winepress Publishing.

Thanks to Winepress for the review copy.