Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Problem With Priests.......and My Solution

 It is in the headlines again. Catholic priests molesting kids again. I'm not anti-Cathlolic, though I really don't get some of their beliefs. Such as, why do they pray to saints when we can go straight to God? Peter the first pope - where is the evidence for that? And burying a statue of St Joseph so your house will sell?

But I digress.

Who knows how many priests have molested kids over the years. I'm sure we are hearing about just the tip of the iceberg.

I have a solution, and a question: Let them marry. Where on earth did the Catholics get the idea that priests couldn't marry anyway?! Check out I Timothy 3 sometime. It lists requirements for bishops and deacons. Most people agree it applies to pastors nowadays - and priests. And guess what.... it doesn't forbid marriage. It does state they should be the husband of one wife.

I'm single - and I have my reasons - but even I know God is very pro-marriage and pro-family. He encourages people to marry and have children.

Not every man or woman who is single is going to molest kids. I'm single, and the very idea nauseates me and I think they need stronger punishment for people who do it. For men, maybe removing a certain part of their anatomy.........

That said, I'm sure in some people, the desire for sex is greater, and if there is no outlet, that could explain how the priests end up doing that - and no, I am not excusing it. There is never a good excuse or reason for molesting or hurting young children. But, anyone with common sense has to see there is a connection. Men not allowed to marry and expected to be celibate, who just by chance end up molesting kids. And yes, there are lot of married men who do it too, but I really believe the Catholic church has set themselves up for these scandals by not allowing their priests to marry. It is un-Biblical, and is causing them problems.

I firmly believe if they allowed their priests to marry, it would cut way down on the molestation issue, but that is just my humble opinion. What do you think?