Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring Is Here

Spring is finally here! Actually, I think we skipped spring in Ohio and went straight to summer. It hit at least 82 today, and it was great! I drove into Salem to pick up a few things I needed, and splurged a bit and got lunch at Bob Evans. I got a salad to go and bought a pop out of a machine, and took it to the park to eat. Great day for it! And I saved a few $$ by not eating in the restaurant.

Speaking of Bob Evans, I have to tell this: I walked in, told the girl who was doing register & hostess duties that I had a carryout. It wasn't ready, so I sat down to wait. A few minutes later, she came out and handed it to me, then stepped up to the cash register. She rang the woman ahead of me out, then I stepped up to pay. She smiled and asked me, "How was everything?" I laughed and told her I didn't know yet. She apologized and said it was from habit. :-)

I also stopped in that Christian bookstore where I used to work to do some birthday list shopping. In case that is a new term, it means I was seeing if there was any new books I wanted to add to the list of birthday ideas for my family to work off of. I also had an amusing experience while in the store. I was chatting with a former co-worker and in reply to something she told me, I said "Oh brother!" Another former c-w said "no, it's your sister". Puzzled by the remark, I turned around to see my sister Vicki standing there. :-)

I left without purchasing anything :-) and headed home. Once here, I let the porch swing down from its high winter perch, got my Ipod and headphones, and enjoyed the nice day and some Southern Gospel music.

Speaking of, for some reason, I got an email from Pizza Hut giving me 50 free music downloads on emusic. I actually used up all 50 downloads, on mostly Southern Gospel, and some CCM. Good deal.

Again taking advantage of the awesome weather, I washed my car out in the driveway. It was a mess. The newspaper I work for is beside an Agway, and I parked beside one of their silos of feed. Bad mistake.

Supper was steak from the cows we butchered and also some deer steaks, both cooked outside on the grill of course - what else on a day like this?!

So that was my day so far. Hope the weather was as nice wherever you are!