Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cds For Sale: Happy Anyway

My sister Pam and her husband, Paul, have just made a Cd, Happy Anyway. It has 11 songs, a few of which were written by Paul. My nephews sing on two of them, and two of the songs feature the trio of Paul, Don Qualyes, and David Duvall. The price is $12.00. If anyone is interested in purchasing one, let me know. I think it is very good, but I may be predjudiced a bit. If I could figure out how to get a picture from a PDF file on here, I'd post a picture, but no luck so far.

1) Happy Anyway
2) I'm Not Alone
3) Mansion Over The Hilltop
4) Sweet Beulah Land (trio)
5) Blessed Assurance
6) Name That I Love
7) Have I Done My Best For Jesus
8) Be Still
9) He Hideth My Soul
10) I'm Happy In The Lord Anyway/The SMILE Song
11) God Is Still On His Throne (trio)

Spread the word. I'd like to see them sell a lot.

If someone wants one mailed, I can do that. And I am not getting a cut for any I sell either. :-)