Saturday, April 4, 2009

Answered Prayer, Passover, & Babysitting

Paul & Pam, my pastor brother-in-law & sister, came out from Pennsylvania this week for a Minister's convention in Canton, so we had to watch my 3 nephews for a couple of days. I didn't see much of Paul & Pam - they came on Wednesday, ate, and were gone. They came back late Thursday, and had to leave the next day for a funeral.

The boys were all really good here. I had to "Nathan-proof" my stuff - hide my Ipod, candy, fingernail clippers - anything that I didn't want him to wander off with. Typical two-year-old gets into everything you don't want him to get into. I played ball with them outside Thursday night with a whiffle ball and bat. Benjy, who is almost 5, line drived me twice - he found it pretty funny the first time, so kept trying to do it again. They also blew bubbles, though I did Nathan's - he was more interested in chasing the bubbles. :-)

It was funny Friday morning, Josiah (7) got up on my bed, tapped me, and asked if I was awake - I had been til that point - he pointed out that it was 8:13 (am) and said he wanted to see if I was awake. I assured him that I was, and he asked if he could play the computer. Last time they were here, he was told not to play the computer if I was still sleeping so it wouldn't wake me up. Hence, waking me this time to make sure I was awake.....

I recently had an answer to prayer. I really don't want to say what it was, though it involved money, and I was amazed at how God worked it out, beyond my expectations. And it came from some people whom I do not really personally know, or ever met. They knew of the need, and felt God wanted them to help out, something I am extremely thankful for.

Our Christian school had a Passover Seder last evening. It was in the gym at the college, and was very interesting. Lasted about an hour. They had assigned seating around several tables that were in 3 rows. It was not a meal, but we did have to eat stuff throughout it. There were 3 projectors & screens set up with a laptop computer. It would show the Scriptures that the principal was reading, and the ones we would read along. At certain times, we would drink a cup of grape juice - there was a cup of Sanctification, Redemption, Communion, and Praise.

There was matzoh bread, which was kinda nasty - like a cracker that needs help. We ate it at one point, parsley dipped in salt water - which was incredibly nasty - to signify the time in Egypt - bitter herbs. Another time you were supposed to dip the matzoh bread in horseradish sauce - I symbolically did that - there was no way I was going to eat horseradish anything! There was also some good stuff that had apples and other stuff in it that we dipped the bread in - that was good. We also had to wash our hands, so they passed bowls of water around with towel - I also symbolically did that - didn't want to stick my hands in water and on a towel that 20 other people had done it with. :-)

Each class had a part in it also. Allie & Katie's class sang a song about the 10 plagues of Egypt, and some of the kids acted out a plague. That was pretty cool. Some of the other classes read Scriptures or something to go with the service. One of the teachers and her husband sang the Twila Paris song "How Beautiful" when we did the communion part, and another teacher played his guitar and sang the Ray Boltz song "Watch The Lamb".

It really was an interesting experience, and I could tell a lot of work and thought went into it. I will admit I was pretty tired and wishing I had not signed up to go, but it was worth it. Plus, there was some kind of chocolate snack at the table that we were allowed to eat beforehand - not sure what the significance of it was, but it was good enough that I ate the piece from a nearby setting where no one sat. :-)


Steve-n-Deb said...

Glad you liked it. The apple stuff you liked was the mortar you mentioned in the previous blog. The Chocolate matzah had the significance that adults need something to eat while they are waiting.

Kim M. said...

Glad your prayer was answered! Enjoyed your post.