Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Take On Torture

There has been a lot in the news lately about the USA torturing terrorists, closing the prison, and now Obama has released some of the Bush administration's "torture memos" so the entire world can see what we have been up to. Not only do I consider this a really stupid move, but it borders on treasonous. And now there is talk about trying to prosecute some of those involved. Give me a break!

First off, I don't think we need to know how our government gets information out of terrorists they capture. I don't care. Just get all of the information out of them that they can. We should not know whats going on. I really don't want to know how many terrorists they capture, what they do with them, etc - as long as our country is kept safe. It seems the Democrats had it in for Bush and still want to make him look as bad as possible, even if it means endangering our country by throwing the doors open to the government's tactics in dealing with terrorists.

Secondly, the "torture" methods that were used hardly compare to the tactics other countries use and have used. Water boarding? Stripping them naked? Putting a bug in with them? Give me a break!

I am with Dick Cheney. If they are going to release these memos, they need to also release the information of what they managed to stop because of using these methods - and they were able to stop some attempted terrorist activities.

This may sound like am outrageous statement, but I don't think there is an American alive who is 100% against torture. You think you are? Let me put a scenario out there for you........

The US has captured a terrorist. They have information that something is planned in one of 4 cities. Your son, or daughter, grandchildren - or other loved ones - live in one of those cities. The terrorist refused to say where or when the attack will be. It is in your power to order water boarding.......or worse. What would you do? Send him to his cell and give him a 5-course meal and hope your kindness will cause him to give up the information to save your loved ones, and countless others? Or would you give the order to get the information out of him by any means necessary? I firmly believe every one of us, if in that position, would do what we had to do to save our loved ones.

Bring it a little closer home. Your child or grandchild is kidnapped. One of the kidnappers is captured. What means would you want the police to use to get information out of the kidnapper? Would you be willing to let the guy sit in a comfortable cell while you go crazy with worry? I think not.

And to take it closer to the White House, if water boarding - or worse - was needed to save the lives of Michelle Obama or their 2 daughters - Obama would sure change his mind in a hurry. If I were a betting man, I would bet everything that I have on that.

Now most people aren't going to be in that position, but the president is. And others in government. It is their duty to keep this country safe, and when they capture terrorists and know or suspect that the terrorist can provide information that could save thousands or more of innocent American lives, I believe that they should act in the same way if it were we trying to save our loved ones. Get the information out of them in any means necessary.

I am a Christian, but I love our country, and want us to be safe. I believe the government should do its job, and not broadcast their activities to the world. Torture may seem extreme, but if by using it, American lives are saved, then go for it.

If you are doubting these methods, check out this article that shows the results of "enhanced interrogation"


Craig and Heather said...

Be careful what you wish for, though. You know, the "terrorists" are branded "religious extremists." The torture will some day be directed toward us.


Mark said...

This is all too true :-(