Sunday, October 17, 2010

Transforming Church in Rural America by Shannon O' Dell

Book description:
Without meaningful change, thousands of rural churches won’t survive the next decade. *A vital guide for every deacon, elder, and pastor wanting to bring their rural church back to the business of changing lives *No-cost solutions for staffing challenges, upgrading the worship, and generating teams of volunteers *Innovative strategies for growth through transformed lives, relevance in meeting needs, and creating active evangelism in your community

If you aren’t transforming lives, then the church has no impact. Pastor Shannon O’Dell reveals the need for relevancy and shares a powerful mission for rural churches in reaching the unchurched and lost in their communities. Now, learn the strategies and biblical guidance that turned a church of 30 into a multi-campus church of several thousand with a national and global outreach. Experience the blueprint for transforming into effective, dynamic, and thriving churches which give God the very best!

Learn to add VALUE to your ministry goals: Vision, Attitude, Leadership, Understanding, and Excellence. Discover how your marriage reflects the state of your faith and your relationship with God.

My review:
I have been extremely unhappy with my church of late, so this book caught my eye since it talks about transforming churches.

It was an interesting read. The author shares how he went from a handful of people in a small church of 31 people, to 2000, plus other outreaches of the church. Now I know size isn't everything, but as he points out in the book, if we aren't growing, there is something wrong.

In addition to sharing how their church changed and grew, he also shares a lot of ideas how to transform churches, reach people, and what to focus on in the church. This is a great book for especially leaders in the church, but also for lay people who want their church to change and need ideas on where to start.

Transforming Church In Rural America is available from Thomas Nelson Publishers.
Thanks to Thomas Nelson for the review copy.



Noj Rotsap said...

"if your church isn't growing there is something wrong"...Jesus started his ministry with 12. After 3 years of intense discipleship, that number grew to an astounding 11.

Steve-n-Deb said...

Just one question -- Did he have to change his message to get growth? I'm not being nasty -- I was just listening to a podcast on "seeker sensitive churches" and they accused all of them of not preaching the cross, the resurrection, sin, salvation, etc. I've read similar books, and they sound like they still preach the Bible. What about this guy?