Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Are we too comfortable?

I found a new group I like, The Akins. Southern Gospel with more of a country sound, 4 guys, great sound. Check them out on their record lable's site, Crossroads Music.

Anyway... they have a song that is one of those that is food for thought: Comfortable. Lyrics below:

Verse 1
Every morning, on the side of the road
He's holding up a sign, he can't make it on his own
I pass him by and take a glance in my rear view
And the thought don't cross my mind that Jesus loves him too
I'm just too comfortable......

The more comfortable I get
The more that I forget
There's a world around that needs to see
The love that lives inside of me
If I pretend that no one's there
It won't make them disappear
Sometimes the problem seems unsovable
But could it be, we're just too comfortable?

Verse 2
He just walked in and had to tell his wife
He was layed off from his job
Oh they both broke down and cried
And they don't know that God could give them hope
And they've never been invited to the church right down the road
We're just too comfortable

Just think outside of the box to the other side of the world
Different races, shades and colors
All with God-shaped voids
But how are we supposed to reach them
When we don't even reach out past our front door?
We're just too comfortable.

I'm not going to say alot about the song, as it says a lot on its own, but it does raise a good point. Are we too comfortable that we can't get our hands dirty?