Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My perfect church

Note: This post is partially in fun. There is no perfect church, and I know everything can't be 100% what we want in a church. Some of my ideas are serious, and I may throw in some just to be goofy. So what would my perfect church be like?
1) Friendly and caring

2) No cliques

3) lots of back seats

4) No acapella singing. Ever.

5) No Wesleyan Methodist hymnal. Ever. Absolutely.

6) No "focus" on certain age groups, but a focus on all

7) An actual Bible study - with books to go through and discussion

8) Valet parking

9) Wise spending of money

10) Lazy boys to sit in (ok - that was a joke in case someone can't pick up on that - also the valet parking, but not going to explain all of them..)

11) Decent lenthed messages - we have that. A note here, who does any preacher think he is who goes on for an hour and longer - I don't want to hear that...

12) A good blend of music - hymns, choruses, slow, fast

13) An earlier Sunday evening service. When I lived in Indiana, church started at 6 pm. No Bible study, no youth pampering... I mean focus - it was great.

14) More reverance. I weary of all of the noisy loudmouths hanging out in the vestibule between services while we are entering the worship service. The doors between the sanctuary and vestibule should NEVER have to be closed - its church moron - shut your pie hole and go sit down. (that one was no joke)

15) Hand santizer for after you shake a bunch of hands......

16) Live streaming so we can stay home and watch in our pjs. (again, joking)

17) More input from we people in the pews, and less decision making by a handful of people and the pastor

18) Candy - not fair that they get it in children's church and we don't.... ;-)

19) No more standing to sing. I can sing as well, or better, sitting down.

20) An ATM in the vestibule

21) More variety

22) No more missionary prayer meetings... or advance notice so some of us can stay home....

23) Using more people with talents. We have too many talented people sitting on their butts who won't teach a class, be in the cantata, nada. (This excludes me as I have no talents)

24) Voting on some stuff allowed for non-members - we attend there too, we should have a voice

25) Punctuality. There is no good reason why anyone should be consistently late for church. Occasionally? Yes, but it should be rare. If you are on time for your job, does not God deserve the same? Obviously not - church must not be as important....

26) Bottled water instead of a water fountain that has mediocre water

27) If there has to be reading course books, pick some interesting ones. I have a lot of suggestions :-)

28) More of an actual family in the church - we talk about the family of God, but truth be told, most of the people in the church don't really care about anyone else outside of their clique and family

29) Drink holders for those lazy boys

30) Bigger cups for communion

Ok, thats enough for now :-)


Steven said...

Can we put in a Starbucks too? :-)

Christy said...

Funny post. I agree about the missionary services. Ok...let me clarify. I think missions is IMPORTANT, but why do the missionary services we have gotta be soooooo boring. When I lived in Indiana a lady did it that got our attention...it was fun and interesting. Also...I HOPE that this..(This excludes me as I have no talents)...was a joke as well...YOU DO HAVE talents!!!!