Saturday, October 2, 2010

And Then Came Life... Bio-fiction

I received this book long after the review date of September 10, so I just used the info that the review group gave me. It is here.

I promised the authors I would post my own review of the book after I got it read, so here it is. First off, the book description:

David was always different from his brothers. Born and raised in the midst of South Florida s musical scene, he was marked as a sissy and mocked by the neighborhood boys. Introduced to Miami s gay nightlife, drugs, and reckless sexual escapades, he wonders if this is where he truly belongs, here in the arms of faceless strangers. As David wanders from one shadowy scene to another, stacking shame upon shame, he chooses to ignore the concerns of his estranged family and a mysterious, but comforting voice. Does this heavenly voice truly care? Is David, finally plagued by disease, destroying his life forever? Based on true events, David s story is one of misadventure, selfish exploration, disappointment, and ongoing scandal, but throughout its entirety, redeeming hope...a divine hope for life s fresh beginning in a moment of surrender and choice.

My review:
This isn't your average Christian fiction book. There was nothing inappropriate in the book, but it shows the depths a man can go to who is addicted to sexual gratification.

I have never read a book of this type before. The authors call it "bio-fiction", which is telling someone's story through fiction, changing some names, etc. The book paints a hard, realistic look at homosexuality. The influences toward David, and the life it causes him to lead. It really isn't an easy story to read, as it is a story of pain and despair, until David is changed by Christ. I did enjoy the book, and think it is one that everyone needs to read. In today's church, there are countless people dealing with sins like this that aren't nice. I am afraid all too many churches would act the same as the churches in the story if a flamboyant gay man became a Christian and started to their church - they would reject him.

Then Came Life is more than just a story. It is a sermon to the church to remind us we need to do more - for even the "really bad sinners".

Thanks to the authors for the review copy.


David A. Bedford said...

This kind of fiction is one of many that we need to speak truth to our generation. It's strange, but telling fiction is often the best way to tell truth. That's the power of story.

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stanw said...

Glad I found your blog and read the review you just wrote, got to get the book, I can relate to the story. God bless.