Sunday, December 14, 2008

Who Did Jesus Come For?

Today was the kid's Christmas program at our church, and it was very nice. The title was A Savior For Everyone (or something like that). Among the songs was the theme. A young lady played the part of a newspaper reporter reporting on who Jesus came for, and as she gave the results, kids would go up and talk. First off was a little boy with a baseball bat, and he said he was too little, surely Jesus didn't come for him. Next up was a boy dressed as an old man. He said Jesus didn't come for him -he was too old. A girl went up dressed up fancy, and said she was rich, and didn't need Jesus. He didn't come for her, because she already had everything she needed. Lastly, a poor girl who said Jesus surely didn't care about the poor and certainly didn't come for her.

The "reporter" asked if Jesus didn't come for the rich or poor, or the young or old, then who did He come for? She then said we would go back to the events of Jesus' birth to find out. They then had the experiences of Mary- the young, Simeon & Anna - the old, the shepherds - the poor, and the Wise Men - the rich, to show that even at His birth, He did come for the rich and poor, and the old and young.

Something else that was cool, 4 or 5 kids went up, one carrying a large gold package, and talked about something to do with gold & God. She then proceeded to tear the wrapping paper off, revealing black paper underneath, and passed it to the next kid. He talked about our heart being black with sin, then tore the paper off to reveal white paper, and passed it off to the next kid. This went down the line til they got to green paper, which symbolized new life and growth in Christ. I assume that under the green paper was just a plain box. :-) It was a great program, with a great message.

Today was also "treat Sunday", when they pass out a Christmas treat to everyone present. It is a pretty good variety this year - lots of chocolate! I will probably pass my malted milk balls and Butterfinger off to someone else, as I am not a big fan of either. :-)

We had a very nice offertory tonight at church. They did the songs "Cherish That Name", and "There Is Something About That Name". Vicki played the piano, my dad played his harmonica, and they had a bass guitar and regular guitar also. About the time they neared the end of the chorus of the first song, Lydia Kunselman, who was at her seat with a microphone, started the recitation that Gloria Gaither does with "There Is Something About That Name". I personally think she beat Gloria - it sounded great.

It's hard to believe that Christmas is only 11 days away. There is one more thing I need to buy - if anyone knows where I can get a cheap pair of suspenders before Christmas, and the uglier, the better, let me know. :-) Tomorrow night is our carolling, which I doubt I will go to, and the school Christmas dinner and play on Thursday - the high school will be doing "The Christmas Carol". My oldest niece is playing one of the Cratchett kids, and I heard that Lori LaVan is playing the turkey. Did I really hear that, or am I mixed up? :-)

Due to the busy week, the Wednesday evening service will be cancelled. If people went to everything, it would be a bit much.

If you should happen to read this before 7am on Monday, remember Dad in prayer. He is going in for a heart catheterization tomorrow morning.