Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Frowning Ipod Is Not A Good Thing

My life as I have known it may never be the same. My Ipod seems to have bit the dust. It froze up this morning, so I tried to reset it, and believe it or not, up popped a small picture of an Ipod with a frown on its face - and I didn't even know my Ipod had a face or emotions!

I have gone through all of the things they tell me to do to fix it, and nothing is working. And if nothing works, the word on the street - or in this case, on the 'net - it is fried. Dead. History. Sigh. It was such a good Ipod. It was more than an Ipod, it was my friend. I probably took advantage of it, not knowing that it had emotions and feelings. How I wish I could turn that little frown into a smile! It never smiled at me. The first emotion my Ipod shows, and it is a frown. What does that say about our relationship?! Is there any hope that I can bring it back? Get rid of that frown?

There is a bright side. It is possible that it can be fixed, though that could cost more than a new one would. The other is, I have some kind of warranty - either on the whole Ipod, or on the battery - I don't remember, and the warranty is in the black hole that is my storage unit. If worst comes to worst, and the warranty covers it - I'd better whisper this: I might be able to just get a new Ipod!

OK, if you know me very well, you hopefully know I have been joking. Yes, my Ipod is most likely gone, and yes, it has a small Ipod with a frown, like pictured above. I am bummed out and unhappy about it, but it hasn't ruined my life. Yet. :-)

Well, I'd better run. My computer is giving me a dirty look. I think it needs some one on one time with me, and here I am blogging and ignoring it..............