Friday, September 12, 2008

Worried Joe & Who Cares About Celebrities

Rumor has it that Joe Biden is worried about his upcoming debates with the new heroine of the Republican Party, Sarah Palin. For one thing, he doesn't know where she stands on the issues. One has to wonder if he is second guessing his decision to accept the nomination. He has set up to work with a woman who is good at debating to give him some experience debating a woman. Sounds like a worried guy to me!

In other Palin news, the celebrities are starting to weigh in on Palin. Matt Damon, movie star, has said Palin would be like a really bad Disney movie. Pamela Anderson, blond movie star with a seeming brain deficiency, has said "I can't stand her! She can suck it!" (What did poor Sarah Palin ever do to her?!)

The closer we get to election time, the more celebrities that will be quoted. Why do they ask their opinions, and why do they think we care? Actually, the more liberal Hollywood bashes someone, the more sure I am that I am voting for the right person.

Back when Bush was running for the first time, and also the second, several celebrities declared that if he won,, they would move to Canada. Wish someone had made them sign something and then forced them to keep their word..........What are they going to try this time? Say they won't make any movies if McCain/Palin are elected? That would be a crying shame too.

I am eager to see how Palin does in a debate. I watched her speech at the RNC via live feed online, and was impressed with how she spoke, carried herself, and what she said. I don't think Biden will be able to scare her off in a debate. Were I a betting man, my money would be on Palin. May the best woman win! :-)