Saturday, September 20, 2008

School Picnic & Johnny Appleseed

Last night my nieces' school had a picnic for the school families, and whoever else from the church wanted to come. Obviously, the families that don't have their kids in the school didn't show, and they would have enjoyed it, I am sure.

I didn't want to go that badly, mainly because I have been feeling anti-social lately, but am glad I went. There was a lot of good food, and a lot of desserts. After we ate, a lot of the older kids and the adults were playing tennis and volleyball, and the younger kids played on the playground. I just sat and chatted with the people that stayed at the pavilion, and kept hitting the dessert table. :-)

My nieces all love their teachers this year. It is kind of neat: the young lady who is teaching both Katie & Allie is someone we watched grow up and went to the same church for years. What is cool though, is her mother taught Vicki (and I a little) and now her daughter is teaching Vicki's kids. Her mother also has my oldest nephew for a class or two at his school. Stephanie has Lori Lavan, and really likes her. She didn't want to leave the park last night because she was having too much fun playing tennis with Lori.

The girls stayed here last night and the electric being shut down at bedtime didn't seem to bother them - yes, we are on day 7 of no electric, and of using the generator. It is really getting ridiculous. Nice thing is, when the girls stay here, they want a good breakfast, so we had french toast and sausage. :-)

This week-end Lisbon shut down most of the town for the Johnny Appleseed Festival. They used to have it on the main street of town, then moved it to the fairgrounds for a few years, now it is back to being on the main street of town, spilling onto a couple of other streets. It is a cool little festival. There are rides set up, food, people selling things, a lot of things to do with apples. They had a parade today, so we took the girls down to it. Here are some pictures I took:

This was close to where we watched the parade from - some people making apple butter. It actually didn't look too great when I looked at it, but it wasn't even the right color yet.

The picture above is just a view of the part of the main street that has been shut down for the food stands to set up. That is about half of the main street of Lisbon you are looking at - big place huh? :-)

This was a float I thought was cool. It was done by an area church, and I think it is their pastor dressed up as Johnny Appleseed.

I took this one because I thought the little Johnny Appleseed was a cute little guy dressed up like that.

One of many older or classic vehicles in the parade. This one was one that I thought was really cool.

And lastly, a horse-drawn entry. Pretty cool.

Before the parade started, I walked down to the library book sale. I ended up with one book for myself, and several Nancy Drew books for my oldest niece. Then to combat the Obama signs being handed out, we walked down to the Republican Headquarters, but they were out of signs, but we met a nice lady and young guy who were working it, and the guy and I exchanged shaving head tips. :-)

After the parade, we wandered around a bit, got some funnel cakes, and I got some awesome chicken fried rice - why is is so good at places like that? And expensive! We also watched the dunking tank, which really intrigued my nieces. They were dunking the football team, but later were going to be putting up some of the many political people who were in the parade. Stephanie was bummed out we didn't stay longer - there was a woman she wanted to see get dunked. :-)

All in all, it was a fun day. The last time I saw a Johnny Appleseed parade was when it was at the fairgrounds, and believe me, when you can see the whole parade at one glance, it isn't too exciting, so this was a welcome change.

And a closing "hello" to "Buckeye Mom". I know who you are.................... :-)