Monday, September 1, 2008

Do I Really Need Therapy?!

It was kind of hard to get excited about Labor Day when I always have Mondays off. :-) Plus, both of my siblings decided to do their own thing, which frustrates me - I would have liked to spend the holiday with at least one of their gang. Oh well.

Mom, Dad, and I started the day off rather early, leaving the house at 8:30, and headed for Boardman. We ate a great breakfast at Bob Evans - they had a gift card burning a hole in their pocket, then we headed over to Austintown - another part of Youngstown, OH. There is a big used clothing store there our family enjoys shopping at. They always have 2 colors of tags half off, and on Mondays, one of the tags is 50 cents - today that was orange. Even better, they were giving 20% off your total purchase. I love to shop for clothes, and since I have developed a taste for more expensive brands - Old Navy, American Eagle Outfitters, etc - the only way I can afford those, is to buy used. Hey, I'm not a snob. :-) (Just to be clear I am not into expensive brands to appear rich - I like their clothes!)

I am almost ashamed to admit the shopping spree I went on. I did go to look for polo shirts - I always have a hard time getting them to fit, so I looked for a size bigger. I started out finding 7 right off the bat, but then went on to find a really nice Gap jacket, and more shirts.......I walked out with 1 jacket and 16 shirts. Wow. That even looks worse in print! My dad says I need therapy. :-) But shopping IS therapy!

In my defense, most of my clothes are in storage, and it seems most of my shirts here are plaids - not sure why, but looking at button down shirts today, it seemed there are more of those than stripes, but I did manage to find some nice striped ones. Now I am more evened out. ;-)

We got gas for the lowest price today for a long time: $3.43. How sad that it seems cheap.

I spent the rest of the day mostly taking it easy. Playing Monopoly on the computer, reading the news, etc. We were going to barbecue chicken on the grill for supper, but it was spoiled, so it was hot dogs and hamburgers instead, which was good. Dad laid new carpet in the bathroom upstairs, so I helped with that a bit and also picked tomatoes. We ended the evening with a trip to Dairy Queen where I had a fudge brownie waffle bowl. Yum!

I would appreciate prayer about a job I am applying for tomorrow. It is right up my alley, something I would enjoy, and something I have thought about trying before. Just so happens that they need someone right now, and at least one job I had should give me experience in this job.

Happy Labor Day!


krledu said...

Mark, you are worse than any women when it comes to shopping. 16 shirts!!!! lol j/k About the nut farm I visited here, they took one look at me and threw me back out. I think I'm to crazy for even them.

Cindy said...

Have to agree with Kristin! I don't think I have ever bought 16 of any article of clothing at one time!!! My hat's off to you:)

Said a prayer about your job interview. You'll have to let us know how it went.

Sounds like your labor day was fun..full of good food. We had a cookout here with the family. But I labored pretty hard until they all got here, let me tell you! So I was pretty pooped for the rest of the afternoon. Oh well. It was a day off anyway:)

Steve Hight said...

The DQ treat sounds really good, and the breakfast at Bob Evans, too. Bob Evans for breakfast is hard to beat.

Sixteen shirts -- wow! You won't need to get stuff out of storage for awhile.

I'll check back to see what happens about the job opportunity. We can request prayer tonight in the youth service -- if I remember!