Monday, September 15, 2008

Booth Brothers & Power

Congrats to my favorite group, The Booth Brothers. They walked away with their share of awards at the National Quartet Convention last week. They got favorite artist, trio, album (Carry On), song (Look For Me), favorite lead (Ronnie Booth), and tenor (Michael Booth).

The Hoppers, another favorite of mine, got the favorite group award, Kim Hopper of the Hoppers, took the favorite female award, and Sheri Easter received favorite alto.

Speaking of the Booth Brothers and the Hoppers, I will be going to see those 2 groups November 15th, God willing. They will be at Fisher Auditorium in Wooster, Ohio. I am looking forward to it. :-)

Winds from the hurricane that has done so much damage came our way last night. The power went out in church shortly after the preacher got up to preach. He was encouraged to go ahead and preach - had I had a vote, I would have been for leaving then - nothing against the preacher, but it was dark and hot. He did keep it brief, and we came home to find we had no power. We still don't, as of 2:43 pm on Monday. Thankfully, Dad has a generator. He ran it for a while last night, then shut it down overnight - figured we didn't need power while we slept. I slept horribly - I had taken a nice nap in the afternoon, went to bed earlier than normal, as I couldn't read or do anything online, and I couldn't sleep with a fan on - something I am used to doing. It was too quiet!

I drove up to Salem to cash my long overdue rent deposit check, and was amazed at the damage around here just from the winds. Trees, limbs, and wires down all over. I think Salem, 10 miles away, was hit worse than we were here in Lisbon. I saw a few people carrying big bags of ice. Makes me very thankful I was as far away from the actual hurricane as I was. I cannot imagine being in one.

Supper could be interesting. In spite of the generator running, Mom can't seem to get the oven to work. Wouldn't work last night either, and meat loaf was going to be supper. Oh well. Hope it doesn't stay off til Thursday, which I guess is a possibility.