Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Race Issue

There has suddenly been several articles and people talking about the race issue in this campaign. The left is insisting that the only reason Obama is not further ahead of McCain in the polls is because America is full of racists who will not vote for a black man for president.

Oddly enough, race has not been mentioned by conservatives/Republicans. All of the race comments are coming from Obama himself, or his supporters.

Is race an issue? Due to the fact that the Klu Klux Klan still exists in America, I am sure there are people in America who will not vote for Obama simply because he is black. But, I believe most people who are voting for McCain are not doing so out of racism, but because they are against Obama's policies and what he will do to America. That is my reason. If a black person was running that I agreed with on most of his policies, I would vote for that person, but Obama scares me to death. If he wins, I think change will come, but not the kind of change we will want to live with.

Most black people will vote for Obama because he is black. They don't care what he stands for - all they care is one of "their own" could be the first black president of the USA. That is 100% racism right there. If I voted for a white guy just because he was the same color as I am, I would be branded a racist, so why is it ok for blacks to do the same thing?

I think one reason Obama has as large of a following as he does, is the media has stoked the Bush hatred so much, that they want nothing close to Bush, and they view McCain as cu from the same mold.

This is outside the subject of my blog, but what has Bush done that is so evil? When 911 happened, everyone wanted to go after Iraq. He was a hero. That has been turned around, and he is evil for going into Iraq, even though 99% of the US wanted him to. Everyone was sure there would be another attack on America, but there hasn't been. Thanks to his efforts to keep America safe, there has been no attacks. Yes, the economy is bad, but it was heading that way when Clinton left office - he just inherited it. And the gasoline prices have gone up during a Democratic controlled Congress. The same Democrats that refuse to drill, because it won't help soon enough - something they have been saying for 10 years. Had they drilled when it was first brought up, we wouldn't be where we are today.

We received a DVD called "Obama hype" in the mail, so I popped it in my computer and watched all 95 minutes of it. It was rather enlightening, and made me wonder just how many people know what he stands for, who his buddies are, and what kind of changes he wants to do. I learned things I didn't know.

Here are a few reasons in a nutshell I am not voting for Obama: he wants to raise taxes, he wants to raise the minimum wage (sounds good, but the higher it goes, the higher prices go everywhere to make up for it), he is the most pro-abortion candidate to ever run, even opposing care for aborted babies who survive an abortion, he is very pro-gay, and wants to do much for those supporters.

I still believe he has Muslim ties, and we all know how the Muslims feel about us. I believe he hates whites: he said in his book that he felt oppressed by the whites - if he feels that way, what might he do if he is president. He wants to do away with our nuclear power, and do other things that will make us more vulnerable to other countries. The idea of him in charge of our military is a very scary thing.

Not to mention his ties to the racist freak who was his pastor - how could he be so close and not have the same ideas - and the guy who has bombed places in America - if McCain or Palin had ties to people like that, the media would crucify them.

John McCain doesn't represent what I believe 100%. There are things I wish he were stronger on, but he stands for more of what I believe than Obama, who doesn't stand for anything I am for. May God have mercy on America and not give us what we deserve - Obama as president.

And though I am not a racist, I am so against Obama becoming president, and fearful of what could happen to us as a nation, I really don't care why people don't vote for him, as long as they don't.

I will close with a hello to a big fan of mine - Buckeye Mom. ;-)