Monday, July 18, 2016

Words to Live By, by Linda Gilden and Dalene Parker

What would happen if you incorporated one positive, powerful word into your faith, your mind, and your relationships each week? The power of a positive word can uplift, encourage, and refresh, even as it challenges you to listen more intently, think carefully, and speak compassionately. Words to Live By: 52 Ordinary Words That Lead to An Extraordinary Life helps you focus on a single, powerful action word each week of the year. Linda Gilden and Dalene V. Parker offer five different devotions per word, encouraging you to focus on that word, pray that word, find that word in Scripture, and watch for ways God brings that word to mind during the week. As you see God?s Word anew, you will experience immediate changes in the way you think, listen, and speak God?s truth to others.

My review:

   I wasn't sure what to expect from this book, but the description sounded interesting, so I requested it. It is basically a devotional book, but different from most of the devotionals out on the Christian market. The authors take one word a week, i.e. listen, laugh, reach, etc, and wrote 5 devotions on that word for the week. Each day has a Bible verse to do with that word, and a different approach to the word from the other days.

  I have enjoyed reading this book. The authors made it both interesting and helpful. The words they used are a wide variety and they brought out things about the words that I had never thought of, and I found it to be a great devotional that I plan on using.

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