Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Warrior Spy by Dony Jay

The CIA has a problem. Its best clandestine operatives keep turning up dead. And now, as if things couldn't get any worse, a Defense Department scientist, specializing in high-energy lasers, has gone missing. America needs answers. And fast.

Delta Force operator Reagan Rainey, on temporary duty assignment with a secret CIA entity known as Directorate Twelve, is tasked to do just that--get answers. But to do so, he not only has to outwit and outmaneuver a dangerous cabal of foreign actors believed to be at the center of it all, he must contend with a deadly assassin who is bent on destroying him.

Relying on his bedrock faith in Almighty God, Rainey is forced to race against the clock to uncover what is really going on and why, before his beloved America is pushed to the brink of war.

The Warrior Spy is the first book in the Warrior Spy thriller series. It is jam-packed with heart-pounding action, all-out spy warfare and a new American hero that is sure to please.

It's comparable to thrillers by such authors as Robert Ludlum, Brad Thor and Vince Flynn, while also containing a clear faith element. If you love for-God-and-country-type books, The Warrior Spy was written for you!

My review:

  I am not sure I would have run across this book, or even bought it if I had; were it not for the fact that one of my favorite authors highly recommended it on Facebook. (Mike Dellosso) I put the book on my birthday wish list back in May, but no one bought it for me.... so I finally bought it for myself.

  Reading a new author can be a bad or good experience, and when it is said author's first book....... well, you don't know what you're getting into. But Mike was right in recommending this book.. it was definitely worth buying and reading.

  Since this is a new author, I'll break it down a bit:

Writing: Superb

Suspense/mystery: Awesome

Main character: Believable, very likable, and a totally awesome dude.

Language: Other than a few uses of "pissed", a word I don't use or care for, there is no bad language.

Sex: None....or any romance, which is fine.

Christian content: A lot, and nothing people would consider preachy who are bothered by such things.

   There is a lot of special ops/CIA/military action the book, and the author does a great job of portraying all of that in a way that is realistic and suspenseful. For a debut novel, Dony pulled out all of the stops and knocked it out of the park. A debut novel like this will make writing a worthy sequel challenging, but if he can pull of a novel this great, I am sure he can pull off a sequel just as good or better, and I am looking forward to reading that sequel.

  I highly recommend this novel to lovers of suspense, intrigue, and military action novels. I can definitely stand beside similar novels by accomplished and seasoned authors.

About the author: 

Dony Jay is a husband and father of two. He has a BS degree in Criminal Justice. He's served in law enforcement for more than 12 years, having spent most of that time as an investigator.

Dony considers himself an insatiable book addict. He began seriously writing in late 2010, his goal: to author a fresh Christian spy thriller series that champions not only America as she was founded but also her strong faith-infused heritage.

When it comes to writing and life in general, he finds inspiration in the sacrifice and dedication to duty of those who selflessly serve others, particularly in the cause of freedom and liberty for all. He is a proud American as well as a firm believer in the truth, love and hope of Jesus Christ.

When he's not reading or writing, Dony enjoys spending time with his family, playing sports (mostly soccer), hiking, and cheering on the Philadelphia Eagles.

He lives in beautiful Pennsylvania.

Check out his website at DonyJaybooks.com. And if you check it out before July 31, there is a contest to enter  .