Thursday, July 14, 2016

Satisfaction Guaranteed by Jonathan Berry with Rob Wood

  Convinced that real satisfaction can be found only in a relationship with Jesus Christ, the author aims to encourage, inspire and equip all who struggle with same-sex temptations to resist, but 'make him their greatest treasure and live life to the full'. He invites us to dig deep and discover great truths about our awesome God and his plans and purposes for our lives, for only then can we live bravely, boldly and counter-culturally. He writes candidly, humbly and sensitively, with fellow strugglers in mind, but also their friends, families and the church leaders who support them, interweaving deeply personal stories from real life. God is good. He can be trusted even in the most painful situation. The surprising paradox is that it is the narrow road that leads to the abundant life promised by Jesus.

My review:

    Satisfaction Guaranteed was written by a man in his 40's with some help from a man in his 20's, both of whom are single and deal with same-sex attraction. The idea and goal of the book is to show how Christians who are attracted to the same sex can live a life in Christ that isn't sad and lonely. I have read a lot of books on the issue of same-sex attraction, but these guys have written one that is not only different from the other books out there, but may be one of the best books on this subject that I have read.

  The authors are honest about where they came from and where they are now. They make no promises that could give false hope. I felt they handled the issue of marriage very well, showing that it isn't what we should strive for, and it may not give the fulfillment and departure from loneliness that so many think they will find in marriage. They don't discount marriage, but show the benefits of being single and how it can truly be a gift.

  I found the book an interesting, encouraging, and helpful read. I believe the authors did what they set out to do: show that fulfillment and satisfaction can be found as a single person dealing with SSA, and that it comes from a life completely surrendered to Christ.

About the authors:

Jonathan Berry:

I came to faith in Christ aged 24 after walking into a church one Sunday morning ‘looking for God’. After becoming a Christian, the Holy Spirit convicted me through the Word of God to end a long-term same-sex relationship. This was my first major act of repentance. For the last 24 years, I’ve been learning how to live an unmarried, celibate life out of love for and obedience to the Lord Jesus. There are times when I’ve given into sexual temptations as a Christian. But on each occasion God’s mercy and loving, fatherly discipline has led me to repentance and back onto the narrow path that leads to life.

Having served as a pastor in a London church for ten years, I was appointed as Director of True Freedom Trust (TFT) in 2009. TFT is a Christian ministry that provides biblical teaching and pastoral support for Christians struggling with same-sex temptations, along with their families, friends and church leaders. I have overall responsibility for the teaching and pastoral aspects of the work and speak widely on these issues at churches, Bible colleges and conferences.

In my free time I usually enjoy walking, travelling, learning languages and am also a keen (and often disappointed!) supporter of Arsenal Football Club. Recently, I’ve invested much of my spare time in writing a book called ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed’, published by IVP on 19 May 2016.

Rob Wood: 

I first heard and responded to the gospel around the age of 10 in a church that was a former sweet shop. This may go some way to explaining my love of jelly babies! Now aged 25, my faith in Christ has grown through an ongoing battle against same-sex temptations, which I experienced from an early age. I did have one brief same-sex relationship, but was unable to reconcile this with my faith and am now fully committed to celibacy.

I’m self-employed as an internet marketing consultant (in simple terms I help companies to rank well on Google) and I also work part-time for True Freedom Trust as a Teaching and Pastoral Assistant. My real passion is reading, preaching and teaching God’s word. In addition to my speaking commitments with TFT, I occasionally preach at my local church.

In my spare time over recent months, I’ve been helping to write the book ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed.’ I’m also an avid supporter of Manchester United.

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