Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Helping Others Overcome Addictions by Steve McVey and Mike Quarles

Does Christianity have an answer for addiction? As longtime pastor Mike Quarles’s alcoholism worsened over eight years, churches and Christians referred him to treatment, 12-Step programs, therapy…nothing worked. Steve McVey, also a pastor, repeatedly dished out the same advice Mike received, with similarly poor results…
…Until, in their frustration, God led them back to basic, addiction-breaking truths of His Word. The authors explain these for readers who want to help someone or who struggle themselves, because freedom from addiction is found only when Christians
  • fully believe what God says about their identity
  • move beyond the 12-Step concept of inescapable “addict identity”
  • stop harboring unforgiveness, get radically right with God, and dwell in who they are in Christ, which excludes engaging in addictive behaviors as a lifestyle
Material on codependency is included, as is information on implementing recovery/support groups for those leaving addiction and starting to live in God’s glorious freedom.

My review:

I have read and seen a lot of books and advice on breaking addictions over the years, but these guys approach it from a different angle, and I think they nailed it. So many programs and books, even Christian ones, focus so much on God plus something else, and the authors present a great case that it is God alone that can break addictions.

They also talk a lot about forgiving others - and ourselves, and how unforgiveness can often be a hold up in breaking free from addictions. There are a lot of charts, comparative examples, and Scripture verses to support their points. I found the book both interesting and helpful. It would make a great tool for people dealing with addictions, or as the title says, those who want to help someone with an addiction.

The book contains an extensive appendix to further offer advice on how to set up a recovery group and other advice.

About the authors:

Steve McVey is the president of Grace Walk Ministries, a discipleship-training ministry based in the southeastern U.S. He has authored the bestselling Grace Walk (over 250,000 sold), Walking in the Will of God, and 52 Lies Heard in Church Every Sunday, and has also coauthored Helping Others Overcome Addictions. He and his wife reside in Georgia.

Check out his website.

Together with his wife, Julia, Mike Quarles directs Grace Walk Recovery Ministries. Out of his experience as a longtime pastor and apparently hopeless alcoholic, he now spends his life spreading the message that God has provided an answer to addiction in His Word of Truth, the Bible. Mike is coauthor of Helping Others Overcome Addictions. He also authored Freedom from Addiction and its companion resources together with Neil T. Anderson, founder of Freedom in Christ Ministries. Mike and Julia live in Georgia.

Check out his website.

Helping Others Overcome Addictions is available from Harvest House Publishers.

Thanks to Harvest House for the review copy.