Thursday, September 13, 2012

A few of my favorite authors: Dan Walsh

I love Christmas, and really enjoy a good Christmas story. I have several Christmas novels and collections of Christmas stories, and enjoy revisiting many of them each Christmas season.

In 2009, I had the opportunity to review a Christmas book by a new author, Dan Walsh: The Unfinished Gift. It sounded really good, and since I enjoy a good Christmas story so much, I signed up. I loved the book, and it has shot to the top of my favorite Christmas stories. It is that good.

Six months or so later, he came out with a sequel to the book, and since then has written four more books, all worth reading.

He has been compared to Nicholas Sparks and Richard Paul Evans, and from what I know of these authors, he is similar, only with a Christian message.

His best book so far, in my opinion, was The Discovery. It was quite the page turner, had a terrific plot, and was so good it about blew me away.

My favorite genre' is Christian suspense, and I tend to read a lot of it. Dan doesn't write suspense, though there is drama and excitement in his books, but even though he doesn't write my favorite genre', he has quickly become one of my favorite authors. When he has a new book come out, it is always one of my priorities to read.

His most recent book, The Reunion, which just released this month, Dan has come up with another great story. This book was written to honor Vietnam Vets, and it does do that, and also shows there are second chances and always reason to hope.

He is currently working on a four-book series with marriage and family expert, Gary Smalley. The first book in that series, The Dance, will come out in April of 2013, and I am really looking forward to the series.

Dan has an article on Today's Christian Woman that is worth reading about The Power of a Story.

There is a 10-book giveaway going on for a few more days yet of Dan's books. Contest ends on September 17. Five people will win 2 of his books. Details here.

If you haven't checked out Dan's books, do so. You won't be disappointed.
More information about Dan and his books are on his website.