Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vacation part 2... pictures

Some pictures from vacation. Not all are from my camera. Some are from my cell phone, and a couple are from my sister and mom's cameras.

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

Our whole gang, cousins and all, in front of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse


The pool.... hours of fun

The house. I did some of my reading on the very top deck in the right upper corner

My (second) cousin, Bo, helping my nephew Nathan fly Bo's massive kite

The cousins. Left to right: Tim Frye, Natasha Frye, Barry, Dorsie, Brianna, and Bowen (Bo) Buzard

My family, all 13 of us

Tim, my (second) cousin by marriage, was a kid magnet. My nieces and nephews loved him.

Me, with the nieces and nephews. Josiah (9), Benjy (7), Nathan (4 1/2), Stephanie (15), Allison (13), and Caitlin (11). My brother-in-law, Paul, wanted to take some pictures with us dressed a little nicer, so we were told to take demin or white shirts.

The whole family

My sisters and I


The mighty ocean


Judy Hoch said...

Nice pictures, Mark! Sounds like everyone had a nice time!